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5 cheap ways to keep your house cool this summer

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People do not have another option, how to hide from the hot July heat in the house. You might be able to hide from the sun in the garden or turn on the air conditioner for 24 hours 7 days a week, which will cost a lot of money and will be harmful to the environment. Read these 5 cheap ways to keep your house cool this summer.

Hang the translucent curtains house cool this summer

your house cool this summer

Throw out the dark heavy curtains that block the admission of light, and hang the light and translucent curtains. The denser the curtains, the more heat they will give to the house. Curtains and curtains made of dense fabric, with a mixture of paint, impenetrable cloth, give more heat from the sun than pass. Read more: How to wear leather things in summer

The closer the curtains are to the wall around the window, the better they prevent the penetration of heat. Double curtain fabric improves insulation efficiency during cold or heat outside.

Paint the interior and exterior of the room in light colors

keep your house cool

Everyone knows that dark colors absorb heat, while light colors reflect heat, so you should paint the interior and exterior of the room in light colors, especially the western and eastern sides. Use pastel tones or white, rather than popular and vibrant colors, which does not really help you throughout the hot heat. Read more: How to stop smoking tobacco? 7 homemade methods to disengage

Cover the window with a reflective layer or a film against the sun

your house cool this summer

Approximately 40% of unwanted heat penetrates the houses through windows. Reflectors for windows – a plastic coating with a reflective paint or thin layers of metal, which reflects the heat. In addition, they will keep your house cool, they will reduce the damage to furniture, curtains, and carpets, from sunlight.

The two main types of reflectors include a film with a solar exposure control and a combination of films. The former is capable of reflecting 80% of the sun directed toward the interior. So, as they are darkened, they reduce the transmission of light, as does the heat, thereby obscuring the room. The combination of the tapes lets a little light into the room, but also lets in a little heat, but does not let it stay inside. These films are excellent for the climate of hot and cold seasons.

Use the blackout devices

External darkening devices include a canopy, blinds, curtains, solar screens, which are very effective, blocking direct sunlight. Do not forget about yourself at this time. Do everything to avoid dehydration.

Try to green your house

cheap ways to keep your house cool

Where there is a lot of greenery, it is much cooler there. Plant trees or shrubs to obscure airing, but do not let them expand so that they do not block the air circulation. Devices that are used for cooling, in the shade will not use much electricity and will give cooler air. Avoid landscaping of unprotected stones, cement or asphalt on the east or west side, because this will increase the temperature around the house and will keep the temperature after the sun sets.

Deciduous trees planted on the east and west sides will keep your house cool in the summer. Only three trees, correctly located around your house, can save you about 3000 – 6000 annually on heating and cooling. In the daytime, the air temperature can be 3-6 ° C degrees less near the shaded houses next door.

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