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Why do not diets work? 3 reasons silent scientists

diets work

It seems to us that science has long calculated what and how much the human body needs and where these necessary substances are contained. Choose a diet that you think is reasonable, and forward – to health and weight loss. But American dietician Colin Campbell proves that in the field of nutrition no calculations diets work. How to be? Read more

Bad habits of eating

bad habits

This article contains 10 bad habits of food that are best avoided. By accustoming the body to refrain from these bad habits, you will significantly improve your health and be in great shape.

Bad habits: Eating too fastbad  habits

Greedy ingestion of food can cause problems with the stomach. You trap excessive air, which can lead to bloating. In this case, you also may not chew your food well. Saliva begins to break down food, and if food spends too little time in the mouth, then the rest of the digestive tract gets more work, which can lead to indigestion. And, at last, at the too hasty consumption of the meal, the brain does not have time to receive a signal from a stomach. In order to get a signal that your stomach is full, you need at least 20 minutes. You can gain weight.

Solution: do not rush.

Skipping breakfastbad  habits

You probably will have a hard morning, as well as a high probability of overeating during the day later if you miss breakfast. After midnight, your blood sugar level goes down, so your brain works on an “empty stomach” until you eat in the morning. Scientists say that cognitive abilities and memory will improve if you feed your fogged brain in the morning. Recent studies have shown that people who skip breakfast consume more calories throughout the day than those who do not. Consumption of breakfast can actually help to achieve weight loss and keep it stable. Read more: Exercise: A gym at your desk

Solution: Eat a moderate breakfast in order to be sure that you will be provided with calories for a busy day.

Overeat for the nightbad  habits

At night metabolism slows down. If you eat too much in the evening, your body will be much harder to absorb nutrients, which eventually leads to the formation of fat. In addition, when digesting food, the body is in a waking state. So even if you are asleep, part of your body is not “asleep”, so you will not get enough sleep. The next morning you will not feel completely rested. Since you need more sleep, it will be more difficult to get up at the right time. Raed more: 5 remedies with pepper that you did not know

Solution: there is before you go to bed in any way cannot be a good thing. If you can not avoid eating before going to bed, then it’s better just to have a bite of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Passionately absorb coffee

Scientists from the Johns Hopkins Medical School recently reported that a person who drinks five or more cups of coffee a day has a three times higher predisposition to developing heart disease than those who do not drink coffee at all. According to another study conducted by Dutch scientists, women who drink too much coffee may have problems with conception. According to other studies, coffee stimulates the production of gastrin, which in turn promotes hyperplasia and pancreatic malignancy. Three cups of coffee a day increase the risk of pancreatic cancer.

Solution: Drink less coffee.

To be a sweet tooth

Diabetes is the most serious and dangerous side effect of excessive sugar intake. Among the ardent lovers of sweets, obesity is common. People become more fat on the ability of sugar to influence the hormonal balance, rather than on its caloric value. Your appetite increases, and along with it – the growth of adipose tissue of cellulite.

Solution: no one says that you need to completely abandon the sweets – just periodically find them a good (and natural) replacement.

Smoking after eatingbad  habits

Smoking is harmful to your health at any time, but especially after eating. Experiments have proved that one cigarette smoked after eating is equivalent to ten cigarettes, which increases the risk of cancer.

Solution: do not smoke at all, much less after eating.

Forget about your well-balanced diet at the weekend.

You successfully maintain a diet for a week, but on holidays people have a tendency to afford too much. As a result, on the weekend you add a lot of calories to your diet. This is not a good idea.

Solution: if you want to maintain good health and shape, control yourself during the weekend.

To consume too much raw food

Nowadays diets from raw foods are very popular. However, excessive consumption of raw foods may increase the risk of exposure to bacteria. Proper cooking destroys bacteria.

Solution: Eat less raw foods.

There are more when you are in a bad mood

Many people tend to eat more when they have a bad mood. Trying to cope with severe circumstances or depression, they consume more additional calories and carbohydrates.

Solution: if you are in a similar situation, maintaining healthy eating habits, in reality, can help cope with stress and depression. To overcome stress, resort to user habits, and do not look for help from inferior food.

To drink not enough water

Do you know that at the moment when you are thirsty, are you already dehydrated? The need for water is second only to the need for oxygen. However, many of us do not pay enough attention to fluid intake and spend the day in a state of moderate dehydration. This leads to a feeling of fatigue, hunger, as a result of which we reach for food, instead of drinking a glass of water.

Solution: carry a bottle of water with you and make sure you drink enough. Appropriate fluid intake will help control appetite and reduce weight.

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