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Anti-inflammatory-based beverage of turmeric and almond milk


Thanks to the properties of its ingredients, this drink, as well as being anti-inflammatory, helps to strengthen the immune system. We can also take the opportunity to get an extra energy intake.

Inflammatory problems that affect health are the result of the imbalance caused by an infection or by a damaged tissue.

It is a defensive response of the body that usually is manifested by:

  • Episodes of pain
  • Heaviness in the joints
  • Difficulties in performing daily activities

It tends to affect the joints frequently, although it has a negative impact on muscle and circulatory system health.

Indeed, it is verified that the water retention has a lot to do with its appearance in various areas of the body.

Although in most cases disappears after a few days, some diseases can provoke recurrently, to such an extent as to compromise the quality of life.

Fortunately, there are natural methods 100%, the composition of which helps to control the symptoms before they occur complications.

Among these, we find a drink made of turmeric and almond milk, recognized for its nutritional value and its powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

In our space, we explain what it is and how to prepare it at home in a few simple steps.

Take note! Read more

Detox diets: They do what they promise?

Detox diets

That from which we try to distance ourselves by fasting or extreme detox diet is exactly what we need to detoxify the best: food.

Mash, centrifuges, fasts. More and more often, you hear about detox diets but it really makes sense this fashion?

Those procedures sometimes as extreme fasting that lasted, according to supporters, should lead to miraculous effects of purification of body and soul.

Some of these practices are frankly dangerous, others simply unnecessary and counterproductive. But let’s understand why? Read more

Contractures and muscle tears: Quick and simple exercises to avoid and deal with them


Quick exercises to be done in the life of every day to prevent contractures in the muscles tear. Not necessarily the problems natural muscle or skeletal are caused by trauma or tears, often the occurrence of these annoying pain simply comes from bad posture or bad habits that we adopt in our daily lives. If prolonged fact, these improper behavior may cause many pains, also contributing to alter the curvature of the spine at the level of the cervical or lumbar. It is for this reason that we consider essential to correct postures and bad habits and adopt the right attitudes to avoid rips and contractures in the long run could cause annoying problems.

One way to tackle this type of problem is the thermotherapy, which uses the heat for therapeutic purposes, helping to reduce joint stiffness or muscle spasm. An example of technology applied to heat therapy patches are or self-bands that act directly on the affected part from the pain, providing relief and muscle relaxation.

But there are a number of tips to follow to avoid tensions and contractures, thus trying not to get to hard to handle situations. Here are some useful exercises that can be done comfortably in everyday situations, even at the desk, to promote muscle relaxation and avoid neck pain or back pain. Read more

What goes with wood flooring?

The simple answer to that question is ‘everything’. Wooden floors are probably the most versatile flooring you can have.

Their timeless, elegant appearance goes with just about any interior style and any colour scheme, and will also make your house more sellable when it’s time to move.

Different finishes

A highly polished finish to your floor will give a sleek and modern look to your room. It will also reflect lots of light, so is a good option for darker rooms, or anywhere you want to maximise natural daylight. If you have floorboards, you can varnish them or paint them with a high-gloss paint. If you prefer a more rustic look, a distressed wood floor might be more to your taste, with its ‘lived in’ look. It’s also more tolerant of the bumps and scrapes of family life, which only add to the appeal of the distressed look.

Mix and match

The beauty of natural materials like wood is that you can mix and match. Don’t worry if you have a pine door, oak table and wenge floors – the combination will look relaxed and pleasantly eclectic. If you are installing a new floor, and want to make sure it works well with your existing furniture, opt for a mid-toned wood or laminate, like a natural pine or dark oak, as these will be a good neutral backdrop. Flooring specialists like wood floor warehouse have a great range of flooring to meet all budgets and tastes.

Warm up with textures

While wood, tiles and laminates all look good, the one thing that hard floors lack is a little softness and cosiness. Rugs can warm up a room, both in looks and in terms of retaining heat, and will also help reduce noise levels. If you have open plan living areas, rugs will also define your room, helping to ‘zone’ your space, and they can be moved around to suit your needs. Put them in front of a sofa for a cosy space, or along a hallway to reduce draughts.

Curtains and cushions will also soften the look of a sitting room or bedroom. If you like a neutral, simple look, choose natural fabrics in creams, greys and taupe, but pops of bright colour and patterns will also sit beautifully against the natural tones of a wooden floor or laminate.

Colds, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis: What are the differences?


While some respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, asthma and allergies are well-defined in the popular imagination, colds, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis have inflammation of the airways in which it is easy to become confused. Let’s find out the differences of these diseases.

What is the difference between colds, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis?

The common cold is a viral infection (so is contracted through direct or indirect contagion with another infected person), which affects the nose, throat and airways; It is very common and usually resolves in one or two weeks; It can also be a manifestation of the influence.

The sinusitis, however, is a sinus infection which can be acute or chronic, and that occurs when the sinuses become swollen and inflamed. Sinusitis is usually caused by a virus, and often persists even after other respiratory symptoms resolved. In rare cases, fungi or bacteria can cause an infection of the sinus. Even allergies, nasal polyps, infections to the teeth, or a deviated septum can trigger sinusitis.

Finally, the allergic rhinitis, also called hay fever, occurs when the immune system overreacts to particles in the air that is breathed, (if within them is present an allergen to which it is sensitive). The immune system then causes symptoms such as sneezing and runny nose. The particles are called allergens, which means that they can cause an allergic reaction. Read more

What Does the Law Say About Safe Children’s Play Areas?

If you are considering installing a children’s play area or would like to upgrade your current one, then you need to consider whether it will comply with the significant health and safety requirements that are imposed as a matter of law. Failure to do so could render you liable for a compensation payout in the future if your play area is not compliant.


If someone uses your playground and is hurt as a result, you could potentially be liable for negligence. Ultimately, such cases would be decided by a judge in court, but this happens in very few cases; it is more likely that such a case would be settled out of court.

In order to avoid such a claim, it will be important to ensure that you have complied with any health and safety regulations and that the equipment is in good condition and regularly maintained. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, it is advisable to have a routine inspections of the playground.

Health and Safety at Work and Occupier’s Liability

Both of these statutes will render you liable for the safety of visitors to the playground, and there is a limited duty to take care of those who are trespassing. The Occupier’s Liability Act also requires that greater care must be taken in respect of children. So if you are considering installing climbing frames for older children, it may be wise to ensure that they know how to use the equipment before they play. The type of playground equipment you install may also be worth considering in terms of its safety. For example, the climbing frames available at have rails for all walkways and offer additional extras such as rubber chippings and landing mats for the floor

Whilst the RoSPA suggests making an annual inspection of a playground, the Health and Safety Executive recommends that an inspection regime for play equipment and surfaces takes place on at least weekly basis for a visual inspection only. Operational inspections should take place at least every quarter, and an annual inspection should be carried out by an independent expert.

Given that, according to RoSPA, there are over 40,000 accidents on children’s playgrounds each year that require hospitalisation, the prudence of taking the recommended precautions is clear.

How to treat a cold

Flu or Cold

Colds – a generic name of diseases caused by different viruses. If you feel that you start to get sick, stay home, do not go to work. Labour exploits bad impact on your health and the health of your colleagues.

Do not rush to shoot down low-grade fever – it shows that the body is fighting the disease. With a cold drink as much fluid: cranberry, cranberry and black currant juice, lemon tea (preferably green), a decoction of quince with fruit and rich broth of apple peel.

Well-ventilated area where the patient spend there wet cleaning every day. Read more

The debate about protein? Just choose the right ones


Do you remember the war on fat? For years, the medical community has said that fats were our enemy number one, responsible for all manner of disease and that they went absolutely reduced. Heedless of the fact that calories taken with fat reduction were often retrieved with sugars, doctors have promoted for years the reduction of fat almost like a magic mantra to lose weight, prevent heart attacks, to reduce the risk of cancer.

At that time, few people were questioning if indeed the scientific data would confirm this thesis. As often happens in the history of science and medicine, the majority of experts do not necessarily supported the most correct theory but merely the most popular.

Similarly, for years doctors have suggested that muscles and brain serve sugar and that these differences do not hurt themselves, but are essential to feel energetic. So, on with pasta, bread, pizza, croissants, various cakes but, for heaven’s sake, no butter!

The emerging picture today is very different from that advocated for years and is now so strong that no one can, in good conscience, continue to deny it: fat not only do not hurt but they are essential for optimal health, even in moderate doses in their saturated version.

To observe the current fashionable crusade against the proteins seem to relive the history of fats. When we hear from ordinary people on the street “now everybody knows that the proteins are bad” is really to worry about! I remember how many times I’ve heard triumphantly from people who ate in a very bad way, “I do not assume anything of fat.” Read more

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