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The sports patches remedy for injuries

sports patches

The sports or elastotaping patches are for some years now a presence increasingly evident in shots of the protagonists of the various sports athletes. Footballers, tennis players and swimmers, and others, in various parts of the body are decorated fact of colorful stickers. But this is not a simple habit: as a newly exploded fashion, elastotaping or Kinesio taping Kinesio bandages or even actually is a serious therapeutic technique and accredited, born almost fifty years ago to treat muscular problems and orthopedic nature sports and more. To do that you are not using drugs but precisely colored adhesive plasters that, through bio-mechanical action, stimulate the self-healing processes of the tissues.

To introduce for the first time the kinesio bandage was the Japanese chiropractor and acupuncturist Kenzo Kase in the 70s, following the treatment he arrived in the United States and also spread to Italy ten years ago. Read more

5 Colors of wellness for our body

Colors of wellness

It is not only a trademark of the National Union of Organizations of Fruit and Vegetable Producers, fruit to ensure the quality, origin and traceability of fruit and vegetables but also – especially we would say – of helpful advice on eating of fruits and vegetables daily to keep fit and maintain a good state of health and it is this aspect that intrigued us and we want to explore in this article.

As many of know, in fact, the regular consumption of fruit and vegetables greatly reduces the risk of chronic diseases. International organizations such as FAO and WHO, for example, recommended to eat at least 400 grams of fruit and vegetables a day, preferably in five different times of day. Not only that the psychological well-being is achieved by varying day by day the choice of fruits and vegetables, ensuring our body the daily requirement of certain substances.

All this is made possible by the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables grouped according to colors that distinguish them (hence the breakdown of 5 colors of well-being): the white, the blue-violet, the yellow-orange, the red and green.

Let’s find out each of these colors being… Read more

How do you know if you are lactose intolerant?


To make the body extra amounts of calcium, if you are lactose intolerant, you can eat other foods, such as salmon, leafy green vegetables and dried fruits.

Many say that lactose intolerance is a modern concept, perhaps due to the fact that dairy products always contain more harmful ingredients for our health. Perhaps, however, the problem is that we pay more attention to the symptoms or the effects that food triggers in our bodies and why we assume greater quantities than before. In any case, how do you know if you are lactose intolerant? Allow us to explain in this article.

What is meant by lactose intolerance?

Before determining whether or not we are lactose intolerant, you need to know some more information on this disorder that affects thousands of people around the world.

Intolerance is unleashed when you suffer from digestive problems after consumption of dairy products, especially milk, as well as other derivatives such as yogurt, milk cream, whipped cream, cheese, etc. This disorder is due to a deficiency of an enzyme known as lactose, produced in the gut and that has the ability to decompose lactose. Read more

High-Fitness: 5 Trends To Get Fit In 2017


Those who do not attend gyms for a while might be left to an imaginary 80s, where getting into shape meant of elastic bands of sponge and clothing in a coordinated, sit on a tool similar to a medieval torture device, and sweating in front of a mirror. Now, it is not surprising that, starting from this condition, these individuals have decided never to cross more of a place destined to the own body contouring threshold.

Fortunately, times go by and, even in this field, the creative gears athletic trainers, personal trainers and fitness luminaries are constantly working to churn out new ways to lose weight, firm up the critical points and define your muscles. The following are some of the main trends emerged within the most renowned and influential industry events. Read more

Metabolic Diseases

Metabolic Diseases

Today I want to talk about a topic much discussed and important: the metabolic diseases.

Often we hear of metabolism, accelerating the metabolism of substances, problems of metabolism … but what is it?

The metabolism is nothing but the set of physical and chemical changes to produce useful energy, to grow, to function properly, in short, to realize all the functions necessary to live. That is why we hear about so often and is so important!

It performs two main tasks: to produce energy from large molecules, such as those that we introduce with the power (lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, etc.) And use energy to build complex molecules useful to cells (amino acids, nucleotides, mono-saccharides, DC.).

Unfortunately, in some cases, metabolism cannot guarantee the success of his work complex. It is metabolic diseases, primarily genetic, involving enzymes, hormones or other substances responsible for the chemical reactions of metabolism and that cause diseases at the level of organs or systems. Read more

Green tea, red tea, black tea or white tea?

Green tea

Tea is a Chinese traditional drink, now widespread and consumed around the world.

One can distinguish different types of tea although resulting from the same plant, or from the plant known by the name of Camellia sinensis; what differentiates them from each other are the origins of the plant, the collection and the manufacturing process.

Then we go to discover the main differences and the medicinal properties of the most popular tea! Read more

Gym rookie: These are the benefits you will get from hipopressive gymnastics

Gym rookie

The hipopresivos exercises are booming, and it is not because they are a fad, but because increasingly have more foundation, and measurable benefits, also taking few precautions and contraindications.

If your purpose is to start putting year, it is very interesting to know what are the benefits of hipopresivos ambdominales, which are suitable for all people who exercise, for the following reasons: Read more

3 Tips for Making Life Changing Decisions

Making life changing decisions is something that everyone experiences. The older we get, the more difficult they become because we start to lay down roots. Suddenly, these decisions affect more than just yourself. When you have more at stake, career guidance and counseling is one option that will help you work toward your goals while balancing them with the rest of your life.

Here are three tips for those who are about to make a life changing decision.

Have a Vision

If you know what your ultimate goal is, making a life changing decision should become easier. Before every important decision you make, simply estimate if your choice will get you closer to your ultimate goal. Remember, your life is not going to travel in a straight line. There will be zigs and zags from Point A to Point B. In some cases, there may be a step back before you go forward three. A vision, though, helps you stay focused. When life throws you a curve ball, you can deal with it and then, get back to business.

Write a Pros and Cons List

Choices are not perfect, but if the pros outweigh the cons, then a choice may be good enough. Jotting down the pros and cons of a life changing decision is a great way to see the bigger picture. It also allows you to easily factor in how it will affect those that will be directly impacted as well. A pros and cons list also keeps you honest. If an amazing job opportunity could be yours, but you have to move, you can determine how your new salary and expenses compare to your current salary and expenses. Then, you can go from there.

Just do It

It sounds cliche, but sometimes, a life changing decision requires you to just do it. There is only so much thinking, analyzing and mulling over you can do before it becomes unproductive. There are plenty of successful figures in history and the present who took chances and eventually, came out on the other side well. Fear, doubt and failure are scary possibilities that sometimes have to be faced, head on.

Making a decision that is going to change your life will weigh on you, but having a life vision, pros and cons list, and a just do it mentality can make it easier.

Summer: How to protect yourselves from the heat?


The summer: there are those who adores her and is waiting the whole winter, but whoever bears little. It is said that the heat do not defend ourselves, while the cold …. “Just cover well.”

True, the heat makes you sweat, it hurts sleep, can make nerve and procure stress, can weaken and make you feel exhausted, increases the risk of dehydration and gastrointestinal disorders. Read more

Drinking lots of water is good for your diet!

Drinking water

When you’re dieting, one of the recommendations is that all will turn to drink so much water, but unfortunately there are people who have never thirsty! Why is it so important to drink a lot? And what strategies can be adopted to be able to drink more to keep you healthy and lose weight?

How much water you need to drink during the day?

The amount of water to drink in a day depends on many factors. The age, the work activity carried out, the physically inactive, the presence or absence of disease, the season (climate and humidity). However, in general, it is good to drink at least 1.5 / 2 liters of water per day. Read more

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