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How to prepare at home excellent re-hydration drink


The advice to prepare at home excellent isotonic drinks

You can achieve an energy drink re-hydrating homemade? Of course it does! We present 10 proposals, but the variations are many more, get jiggy!

Energy drink? Do it yourself!

The world of products dedicated to sport is truly immense and varied; an example is the endless variety of re-hydration and energy drinks on the market, all very effective and calibrated on specific needs that result from the practice of different physical activity (at least according to the claims their advertising slogan …).

But what not many know it is that you can get results more than satisfactory in terms of hydration and energy supply solutions even with do-it-yourself; often just a few simple ingredients, commonly available in the supermarket close to home, to create a custom energy drink to suit your taste and needs – plus spending very little! Why not try, then? Before I give you some recipes specifically, though, let’s do some clarity. Read more

How to put limits on our children?


Putting limits on our children is to let them mark roads, help them to be in the world around them, to understand it and enjoy it at the same time.

Boundaries are needed in education

Setting limits is necessary in the educational process of our children. It is something that the professionals agree on. Doctors, pediatricians, teachers, psychologists, pedagogues, etc., agree on the need to go marking the children in their day to day, and also point out the dire consequences of not doing so.

In these times when many families choose not to follow the authoritarian educational model that they possibly received from their elders, there is uncertainty to be on the subject of limits. “We cannot let them do whatever they want, but we do not want to be a sergeant who’s been commanding all day …”

We have to set limits to our children, we have it clear. But the question we ask next is “How do we set limits?”

Let’s put the subject a little… Read more

Supply False Truths


There are statements, mode or legends, which have become for many people the “truth”, simply because for years feel repeat from friends and acquaintances.

We try to put some of order and see if among the many claims that are often made on foods or habits are true, especially if you promise a weight loss.

The fruit does not get fat

Of course, the fruit contains no fat and is less caloric desserts and appetizers, but it contains sugar. Eat too much, then, it can lead to introduce too many calories. This is true for all the fruits and not just for bananas, grapes, figs and persimmons. What to do then? Eat 2-3 fruits a day is essential, but we must not exaggerate: 4-5 fruits have the same calories than a plate of pasta and satiate less.

Fruits should never be eaten after a meal

The fruit has the same calories at any time of the day is eaten but is easily fermentable. And therefore preferable (but not required) to take it between meals, because if consumed at the end of the fruit meal inhibits gastric secretion, slows the digestion of proteins and inflates the belly. Read more

How to Care for Teeth at Christmas

Care for Teeth

Christmas is just around the corner and from now until the Kings pass, will be a continuum of dinners, reunions and celebrations.

Beyond the couple of extra kilos with which we usually release the New Year, our teeth can also suffer the excesses of the typical binges this time. Therefore, it is important to pay extra attention to oral care.

To begin, it is important to know that the typical sweets of these parties (because they are high in sugar) can lead to tooth decay and also increased tooth sensitivity and enamel damage. In our post about foods that stain teeth or damage you can find more information on this topic. Read more

Three natural anti-fungals


The fungal infection, parasitic organisms that lurk in the environment and in our bodies, affects millions of people every day. The main causes are related to climatic conditions (heat and humidity), perfect conditions for the growth of bacteria.

Fungi affect a greater extent the skin and nails; to fight the hygiene is put first and once affected consult a dermatologist if the situation does not improve with early intervention natural anti-fungals. What? Here you go. Read more

Stimulate Your Metabolism With These 6 Foods


When you want to maintain or lose weight, it is essential to have a healthy metabolism. Stimulate your metabolism with these ingredients.


Apple vinegar stimulates metabolism in an excellent manner. Not only it helps to regulate the digestive system and the levels of blood sugar, but also stimulates metabolism, even long after consumption. Read more

What is Cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry describes any dental procedure that is designed to improve the physical appearance of the teeth. It may have some other positive effects, but that is the main purpose. The technology and science surrounding cosmetic dentistry have improved vastly in recent years. It is now more affordable and accessible than ever. Many general dentists offer these kinds of services. Read more

Pain in the neck? 3 easy remedies to better face the winter


The neck pain is usually localized to the neck but sometimes it can also radiate to the arms and shoulders and, in the worst phase, can cause dizziness and nausea.

It can depend on strokes of fresh or bad posture, but you should not underestimate the influence of the emotional sphere in this field. Stress, in fact, is often a major cause of cervical, so it is important to follow some good habits and a proper lifestyle.

If you want to try to avoid or limit your intake of painkillers, there are some very simple remedies and natural to watch. Read more

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