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Make up, care of facial skin and body during pregnancy

Make up in pregnancy

As soon as he discovers she is pregnant, arriving passed the checks to do and things to avoid, to preserve the health of the baby during pregnancy and during lactation.

Alongside the imperative of always valid “Nothing categorical alcohol and no smoking”, it also adds to the list of “beauty actions” banned during the nine-month pregnant: it must be emphasized that pregnancy is not the enemy of beauty, indeed!

In the months of pregnancy can be cured and beautiful from head to toe, you can do everything but carefully choosing the products.

This is because, while entering in a particular period, every woman must continue to take care of your body, its image and its beauty. Read more

Hygiene measures and treatment of salmonellosis


Then we will see the treatment of salmonellosis based mainly on proper diet and most interesting medicinal plants.

What is Salmonellosis?

Salmonellosis is a zoonosis that is caused by the Salmonella bacteria, foodborne. You can produce acute poisoning outbreaks due to contaminated food.

generally affects the intestinal tract and sometimes can reach the bloodstream. Anyone can get salmonellosis but is much more common in infants and children. Read more

10 Tricks to keep the beautiful hands and young

beautiful hands

Given that our hands need constant hydration, try to take with you a bottle of cream to apply after washing hands or when you notice particularly dry.

The hands are our calling card, as well as our most daily working tool. From the first moment, getting up from the bed, our hands begin to play infinity of activities that end only when we go back to bed.

At the same time, they are exposed to different environmental factors and elements that can damage them and cause various alterations.

Taking into account the importance in our daily lives and the way we treat them (and sometimes mistreat), we must pay every day to our hands some special attention to keep them beautiful and young.

Today we will share some of their own care, tricks and treatments to be applied regularly in the house so as not to neglect this so delicate part of the body. Read more

Stuffy nose and runny: Welcome cold!

Stuffy nose

The continuous temperature changes to which are ultimately subjected due to a climate rather unstable and variable, can have also very annoying repercussions on our health with the appearance, for example, the common cold.

Runny nose, continuous sneezing and the terrible feeling of having “stuffy nose” forces us to breathe bad: we feel as “apnea” and are forced to use your mouth, subjecting our respiratory tract at constant stress.

Not only that nasal obstruction, if not treated properly, it gets worse when we lie down, thus increasing respiratory distress and causing a disturbed sleep that produces snoring and sleep apnea phenomena.

The common cold is a very common disease of viral origin that affects every adult on average two or three times a year, generating inflammation of the nasal mucosa and throat. Read more

Why stress, steroids and noise are threats to the heart?

threats to the heart

Recent studies presented at the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) show the effect of anabolic steroids, noise … in the heart.

Today ends the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) which brought together thousands of experts from around the world. In has been made of the effects that natural disasters such as tsunamis or earthquakes can have on the heart, and also the role of noise in this regard. Let’s look at the key points. In addition there is further research into the effects of anabolic steroids on blood pressure and anti-hypertensive drugs on erectile dysfunction.

Congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) is an exceptional event for the medical convention, in which approximately 35,000 specialists from 140 countries around the world to present and learn about the latest research related to cardiovascular diseases involved. Many of the studies presented in these days have confirmed as the environment and natural events play a key role in these diseases: earthquakes, shipwrecks, tsunamis and other disasters actually have a direct effect on heart health. And not only that but also the noise pollution to which we are all constantly exposed, can have a negative impact on our hearts. Read more

3 Simple gluten-free recipes

gluten-free recipes

These days we talked about celiac disease, the gluten intolerance and the problems that this disease is. Intolerance of gluten by gluten requires them to follow strict diets lacking where food is present vegetable protein particularly wheat. The first impression is that it must be difficult to follow gluten – free diet as it is found in many staple foods that most of us consume regularly. But with a little knowledge, we discover that you can lead a healthy and varied diet, without eating gluten.

Today I leave 3 gluten – free recipes for example. Read more

6 Tricks to clear the nose closed for a few minutes

clear the nose

The steam generated during the hot showers is a very effective remedy to free the congested nose and get immediate relief.

Colds are a constant in our lives, especially during times when we are exposed to constant temperature changes, such as the arrival of spring or autumn.

This condition provides a general malaise that increases when we have a stuffy nose.

First, it does not arrive sufficient oxygen to our body; secondly, if we try to breathe through the mouth, the quality of the same will not be optimal.

For this reason, it is important to find a way to rid the nose closed when you are in this situation, since an improvement in this regard will mitigate the typical cold pain.

Therefore, pay close attention to the following tips to clear the nose, because the difference between follow and not follow them is abysmal. Read more

Food anti weakness combat spring fatigue

Food anti weakness

Suffer the spring tiredness? With the arrival of spring in 2016, we have devoted more space to those typical hassles that many experience during the change of season. Today we focus on the feeling of exhaustion typical of the changing season.

Rising temperatures, the longer days, the daylight saving time and for those who suffer from allergy, the release of air pollen, are all factors that affect our health and on our behavior: in this period lowers the degree of concentration, it feels a general sense of fatigue and desire to rest more often and longer. The spring fatigue is a normal phenomenon that affects just about anyone, but we have some tips for your diet that will allow you to spend the day with more energy and determination. Read more

Exercising after childbirth, good or bad idea?

Exercising after childbirth

If you’re accustomed to doing sports sure you really want to pick up after delivery, but it is important to do it safely.

Once we got used to follow a healthy lifestyle it is difficult to spend some time at rest or without exercise. After delivery, follow a varied and balanced diet is essential, but what about exercise? Is it a good idea to pick up as soon as possible? Here we have all the details.

Postpartum recovery, do not hurry

After the exertions of childbirth are advisable to wait at least the end of the “quarantine” before starting to exercise again, something we always start gradually. Read more

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