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7 day diet against fluid retention


It is advisable to follow this before hot weather or when you feel increased fluid retention in our body. We can also keep some of these customs to prevent.

Many people are above their proper weight because of fluid retention, which causes swelling and discomfort in certain parts of the body.

However, the good news is that we can remove excess liquid with adequate food. In this article we present a 7 day diet to combat fluid retention naturally, which will allow you to reduce volume and feel lighter and more vital.

What is retention?

Fluid retention or edema can be a disease or a temporary dilation of the veins due to excessive heat. Read more

5 good reasons why you should drink water with cucumber and lemon

cucumber and lemon

In addition to hydrate, water with cucumber and lemon gives us vitamins and minerals that help control hunger and also nourish the skin and purify us.

We propose to take for 10 days in a row two glasses of water with cucumber and lemon. Not only do you get to keep your body well hydrated, but also your whole body will notice adequate benefits.

If you prefer, you can make a pitcher with a liter of very fresh water. It is an excellent snack that will appeal to the whole family and also is so healthy and natural that can become undoubtedly a very original drink for the summer.

Today in our space we give you 5 good reasons today to prepare this wonderful combination. Read more

Does honey helps you lose weight?


Thanks to its flavor, honey helps to ease anxiety and the need to consume sweet foods, while active metabolism.

The result of the tireless work of bees has many properties for humans and it is recommended to consume, for example, to cure diseases.

If used externally is very good for improving the health of skin and hair. But what if we told you that honey is used to lose weight? Do you believe?

In this article we explain why our statement. Read more

5 Steps to maintain a healthy brain

Healthy brain

Our memories, dreams, desires, emotions and nervous system of all our bodily functions are contained in the most vital organ in our body: the brain. Therefore, we cannot overlook the need to care for it and keep it in good condition. Here are five steps to maintain a healthy brain:

1. Work out regularly

Exercise is not only good for our muscles. Scientific research has shown that our brain gets stronger with every step. l does at least 30 minutes of some kind of exercise every day and your brain will produce the relaxing hormones that help you relieve stress and anxiety. Bastian with very light exercises: walking the dog, walking along the beach, climbing and down stairs, etc. to maintain a healthy brain. Read more

7 exercises and stretches you must do in the office to feel better

Office exercise

The modern workplace makes thousands of people spend many hours a day sitting in front of your computer without exercise your body. While this position is comfortable for some, is shown to hold for prolonged periods are harmful to metabolic health, joint and muscle.

Compounding the problem is more with the fact that some just tired of their days and do not have enough time to exercise. Given the risks that this entails, it has designed several plans “labor gymnastics” with which you are invited to activate the body from the workplace.

Although not intend to bring a full gym to the office, it is very interesting to relieve muscle tension, stress and other reactions related to physical inactivity practice. The movements proposed are very easy to do; they do not take away a long time and can be made up in confined spaces.

Here we share the 7 best for you to start to devote a few minutes a day. Put them into practice! Read more

How food affects our oral health

oral health

One of the most common actions that have the most influence on the overall health of any person is food. Everything we eat has a direct impact on our wellbeing, both positive and negative. It is therefore not surprising that caring food also take care of our oral health.

When we eat we provide the energy and nutrients needed for our body to function. And everything goes through the mouth and our teeth are the first to ‘get’ to that food, exposing themselves to dental erosion and caries, among other problems. Read more

9 Reasons to quit smoking for sure have not heard

quit smoking

Have you calculated the amount of money you invest a year in snuff? With the money you spend if you smoke two packs a week a month you could afford a wonderful holiday.

Smokers usually do not like to be asked if they know is doing to their health, although they know it. However, if you’re hooked on cigarettes or someone close to you is, chances are you interested to know these 9 Reasons to quit smoking for sure have not heard.

If you smoke, your future children also will smoke

It is no surprise that children of smokers are more likely to smoke, but even if you stop smoking before birth, your children can get to take the habit. A recent study published in the journal Pediatrics found that children of current and former smokers have the possibility of 23 to 29 percent fall into this addiction, compared to only eight percent of the children of nonsmokers.

Even those who raided a habit to nicotine secondarily had children who were at least 3.2 times more likely to smoke than those whose parents never smoked cigarettes. Researchers are not sure why children imitate adolescent smokers his parents, but at least some in the field think it could be genetic. Read more

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