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6 healthy juices to prevent and treat anemia

healthy juice

If we want to combat anemia and also obtain energy for the rest of the day it is convenient to consume these juices early, but we can also take multiple shots.

Anemia is a condition that occurs when there is a decrease in the levels of red blood cells and hemoglobin in blood. This situation leads to the development of other health problems, as it reduces the capacity to carry oxygen from the lungs to other body tissues.

As a result, the person feels fatigued, weak and hard to achieve concentration. In addition, usually it has pale skin and thinning hair and nails.

To accelerate the recovery of this disease is important to increase consumption of foods rich in iron. This mineral is responsible for increasing the number of red blood cells to restore all functions that are affected by the deficiency. Read more

6 amazing brain exercises

Brain exercise

Although not relate, monotony is detrimental to our ability to concentrate. One of the best brain exercises every day is to include new activities in our routine.

Over the years, the stress and worries mind suffers and stops working as we were used to. If this is your case, if you’re in exams, you have anxiety or years you are taking a toll, we suggest some exercises for the brain.

Before moving on to describe, it is good to know how your work head. As you know, we have two hemispheres, the left and the right, and each has a distinct function.

For the left, it deals with the verbal portion and logical analysis. For its part, the right hemisphere deals with the non-verbal aspect and creativity. In this sense, the best activities are those that connect both sides. Read more

How to relieve toothache upset?


A healthy and balanced diet can also be beneficial in relieving toothache and reduce inflammation. Avoid eating dairy, bread and white sugar. Healthy and balanced diet can also be beneficial in relieving toothache and reduce inflammation. Avoid eating dairy, bread and white sugar.

Toothache can become unbearable for many people, and we do not know too many natural alternatives to anti-inflammatory painkillers and pharmacy, which not overindulge.

We explain how to prepare homemade rinses that will help us relieve pain as well as food, toothpaste and other household tips also help us to naturally treat toothache. Read more

Train vs independent exercise

independent exercise

We are constantly recommending ways to train we can combine different regularly in our routines. We at this time we will focus on two ways of working muscles, with separate charges for each part of the body work, or working the muscle group concerned with a burden that will arise in conjunction with both hands.

Surely we doubt has arisen hundreds of times whether it is better to train one way or another, and that after all the mechanics of the exercise is similar, but the results will not be the same. It is therefore good that we have in mind for what will work in one way or the other. Read more

How to prepare a delicious banana and ginger jam

banana and ginger jam

Thanks to all nutrients banana and ginger jam this gives us the energy we need to face the day without including extra calories.

Marmalade is a sweet sauce that can be used to give a special touch to cookies, breads, cakes and other foods we usually eat during breakfast.

This can be made from fruits, but also achieved several business presentations. However, due to its high content of sugars, preservatives and calories, some people prefer to eliminate from your diet and opt for other alternatives.

Luckily, there are very interesting homemade recipes that allow us to develop them within minutes and with the advantage of being able to control their caloric index.

This is the case of an exquisite banana and ginger jam 100% free of sugar, gluten, preservatives and other additives harmful. Read more

Children with asthma, can do sports?

Children with asthma

Exercise is essential for all children, and this does not exclude children with asthma. The practice of a sport not only helps control weight and contributes to the development of muscles and bones in the child, but helps strengthen the respiratory muscles and make the lungs work better.

Thus, children with asthma not only can, but should play a sport or physical activity frequently. Regular, moderate physical activity has a positive effect on the immune system and can reduce allergic inflammation. Read more

Birthday Party Supplies

Most parents rightfully connect birthday celebration theme packages with tossing parties for kids. This will make sense also it the most typical utilization of the supplies and adornments inside a theme package. But what many grown ups do not know may be the flexibility provided by birthday celebration theme packages. A correctly chose theme package has all the supplies and adornments that are ideal for summer time holiday events attended by grown-ups. Read more

Breads, what to choose among many options?


If you love bread while looking for a healthy diet, you should know that this food can be part of your daily diet and always when you choose correctly. Since there are a variety of breads, today we help you choose the most suitable option function.

The nutrients of different breads

The first thing to know in order to choose according to our needs, tastes and / or preferences, is the nutritional composition of different breads. Read more

Factors that cause heart disease in women

heart disease in women

Today most women are more concerned about diseases like osteoporosis and breast cancer than cardiovascular diseases, although the latter not only affect the male sector. A fact: heart disease cause about 30% of female deaths.

Although cardiovascular disease, according to experts, is one of the leading causes of death among women, many of them are unaware of this reality.

While prevention of heart attacks and strokes is very similar for both sexes, there are some small but important differences. Read more

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