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Why you want more time?

More Time

It is the most important question. Why? Although it seems obvious, one because with an intense emotional charge, is the only thing that will move you how to manage your time today, a more efficient way to do it.

When we impose that “we” have more time, something in your brain resists. That “I have to” or “should” represent actions that generate in your brain, the more pain than pleasure. And when I speak of pain, it is a real pain. Read more

Plantar fasciitis: Causes, prevention and treatment

Plantar fasciitis

The plantar fasciitis is a common cause of foot pain, both athletes and sedentary people. The pain occurs in the foot, at the front of the heel, being a pain that worsens when walking or exercising.

Being a common injury in athletes as much in the general population, we will discuss the causes, prevention and treatment of plantar fasciitis in this article.

What is the plantar fascia?

The plantar fasciitis is an injury that affects the fascia or plantar fascia, a thick band of connective tissue that is in the sole, and runs from the front of the calcaneus (heel bone) to the front fingers.

The plantar fascia is a support structure to absorb the impact and maintain the shape of the foot. Upon reaching the toes, the fascia is divided into five bands.

I take this opportunity to point out that the suffix it is refers to inflammation but, as in the usual tendinitis, rarely a real inflammation is present (so we recommend talking about tendinosis). In the case of fasciitis same thing happens: rarely no real inflammation, so maybe I should change the term to fasciosis (which simply indicates an alteration, without specifying what type). Read more

Seven traditional recipes that can be converted into sandwich

Seven traditional recipes

Anything fits between two pieces of bread. Well I knew John Montagu, Fourth Earl of Sandwich, who was the precursor of this highly practical invention. His passion for playing cards forced his servants to prepare all kinds of food so I could eat like an elegant English gentleman unstained cards. Many years have passed since the birth of the sandwich and not just cold cuts and cold meats are the stars of the recipes. We have found recipes that fit very well known dishes to the custom of eating “something” between two slices of bread. Read more

Earth Day: Involve your children in the care of the planet

Earth Day

Among our missions as parents, it is undoubtedly to instill in our children the love and respect for the planet on which we live. Children are no strangers to the changes that our planet is suffering and it is important to get them involved in your care since they are small. Minimal gestures like throwing trash in the bins or care for a plant helps them start being environmentally responsible. Read more

Healthy breakfast

Healthy breakfast

The breakfast is the first time of the day from which we have the opportunity to take care of our eating habits. It is the most important meal of the day because the agency receives the first food after hours of rest. It is also the time when we recharge energy for the whole day. We teach you what you should not miss in your breakfast healthy and nutritious. Read more

Microwave cooking, harms health?

Microwave cooking

The microwave oven is one of the most used in the kitchen today, not so much cooking but rather, to heat, however, much is said about the potential harms of its use, so today we tell if cooking microwave really harms health.

Why could harm health?

Since this type of ovens cook and / or heat food by electromagnetic waves that are absorbed by the same, it is thought that radiation can reach our body and cause damage to health.

Furthermore, because this method generates heat cooking from water contained in food and cooking it using the same, it is believed that the structurally modified so that subsequent intake harms health. Read more

Choose the best blouses

Best blouses

Our editorial team has selected the best women’s blouses on the market for style, quality fabrics, and brands. Read the review to find out our views on features, pricing and best blouses commercially.

For as little as 5-10 dollars you can find women’s blouses on offer on Bonprix or Zalando, allowing them to buy as many as you want, even just to make them sprout from beneath the sweaters. These sites, well-known, in addition to selling the heads of other brands, also have their own line those prices quite content. Read more

Cognitive Development in Childhood: Language and Emotions

Cognitive Development

Language and communication

Children can communicate long before they are able to use spoken words. The rooting reflex points out the ability to suck and eat. Different types of crying indicate discomfort, pain or fatigue. In the non – verbal body language, posture, facial expressions, relaxation or muscle tension, movement, tears, perspiration, tremors or shaking are included. The alerts parents learn to interpret these body signals and give the correct meaning.

Therefore, language is only one method of communication, although it is the most important because it allows humans to exchange information, ideas, attitudes and emotions.

After all, thousands of words, language is an efficient means for one to communicate to others an unlimited amount of information, thoughts, ideas and feelings. Read more

Ginger Cheesecake: Recipe surprising and ginger cheesecake

Ginger Cheesecake

I love pies baked cheese, the classic New York Cheesecakes we can do a thousand and one ways, all delicious. On this occasion, I have prepared the Ginger Cheesecake, Recipe surprising and ginger cheesecake that moment is what I liked most of all I’ve done and tested.

The idea came after trying it in an Asian restaurant, where they served the desserts and after the experience, I decided to make my own version of this cheesecake whose fundamental notes freshness and citrus twist oriental ginger surprises all who try it. Read more

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