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You have to be happy, not perfect

You have to be happy

No need to be perfect to be happy. Perfection is an ideal that even the artists manage to achieve, since sometimes the shade of imperfection is what gives the works a unique and unrepeatable beauty.

But sometimes we fall into the mistake of aim for those goals that marks society itself: have a perfect body, perfect house, the perfect job and perfect children…

If you’ve tried on occasion, if you have been guided by these ideals, you have discovered definitely the high price paid for it: unhappiness, low self – esteem and the feeling that we lose control of our own lives.

Happiness is basically balanced. It is to find that perfect point where you find good about ourselves, without being otherwise, without the obligation to achieve what others mark us and not going with us.

You have to be happy
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Today in our space we invite you to consider some important aspects of this issue.

The futile effort to be perfect

In recent months it has become fashionable so naive as dangerous for self-esteem in social networks practice. This is a picture made with a sheet of A4 paper with measures placed in the womb.

Thus, the girls show that they have some thin lines and supposedly aesthetic. That entire girl whose waist exceeds these proportions therefore ceases to be “perfect”.

Another practice we saw recently was photographed the legs to show that, between them, was a place where the thighs, far from together, showed that thinness with which all dreamed.

Such seemingly innocent “fads” leave behind dangerous effort by many girls aspire to these fees only where the following is achieved:

  • Inhaling a beauty model provided by society and fashions. All those who do not have this constitution naturally, are bound to suffer to get it.
  • Aspire to something that one is not supposed to stop accepting, it is “hate” the body itself.

Society and fashions all you get is “disconnect” ourselves to take the field unhappiness and therefore consumerism (slimming drugs, food consumption light…)

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Imperfect, free, satisfied and happy

There comes a time in our life just taking stock. Really worth so much effort, suffering and impossible ideals to take? If you know someone still captive by the need to be as perfect as fads tell us, we recommend that you make me reflect on the following:

Learn to be more free

Freedom is the ability to break external to rediscover ourselves chains. Believe it or not, there is no more pleasant and satisfying feeling. To achieve this, we must consider these strategies.

  • Learn to be aware of everything that vein your freedom (people, fashions, customs …)
  • Freedom requires us to consider what is really important to us and also allows us to reconcile ourselves with our essence and our inner voice.

Accepting as a form of imperfections authenticity

  • If your nose is something aquiline or too flat … What does it matter? It is an inherited family trait and that, in turn, allows you to be unique.
  • If your hips are wide … How important are there? If we were all equal and we had a same measures would be robots, beings created in series and nobody would stand out over others.
  • Every feature, every attribute of your face and physique shaping you as a unique and exceptional person. Furthermore, if you look after yourself, you are well and connect with that image that returns the mirror, there will be no happiness more authentic than someone who wants and it is accepted as it is.

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Happiness is the absence of insecurity and fear

Happiness is not to accumulate things or people. The happiness is not a magic formula that is only found in the books of the gurus of personal growth and spirituality.

To be well enough to stop being afraid, just stop aspiring to be something we are not. If you are not rich and do not have a perfect body measurements, you accept the magic of your imperfection and learn to be happy and humbled.

Wellness is not a secret. To be perfect all we need is to be calm, have people who want us not judge us and allow us to be ourselves and also be able to enjoy every day of our lives with everything we have.

We encourage you to implement it and cultivate that simple happiness that comes from your own heart.

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