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Why you should feel good about your mistakes?

Feel good

Errors have a very bad reputation and we spent half repudiators, avoiding them and shaming them life. But deep mistakes are not only inevitable, they are also necessary. Great life lessons that have more to give us what we believe. And, come on!, have a lot of advantages.

I regret so many things that need to write two articles to collect only half. From that time, I refused to do a job interview in Amsterdam because I was dying of fear. Of that one in which I decided not to accompany my friends to a trip because it was a fair bit of money. To spend a year at the University without confessing my friend who was crazy about his bones. The piece of cake that I took the other day … Really, the list is endless, but it turns out to represent of these and all other errors is an error itself. Because, although we believe it or not, mess up occasionally is not the drama that seems, but a process of personal growth.

Feel good
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They help us to mature

Yes, mistakes teach us, in the worst way, okay, but are life lessons. How are we going to learn something if you did not try it first? You may have blundered to the bottom or you made ​​the worst decision of your life, but everything comes out learning something (like that never again buy some shoes heel if you do not know kilometric stilt walking). The truth is that what you learn is not important, the important thing is that not happen again because now you have advanced. A study led by neuroscientist Jamil Bhanji for Rutgers University in Brunswick discovered that successful people are because they accept the existence of errors or obstacles they cannot control, and readjusted his emotions to move forward.

You find out what kind of person you are

The kind of person who decides to put the stockings on first and sash after to discover that this combination can only end with the belt slipping up to your ankles. The kind of person who is pulled headlong into a relationship and gives everything … to discover that you do not receive the same in return. However, you may discover that you do not mind, you give without expecting to receive or you’re a complete naive.

Develop alternative solutions

Having an open mind and not be satisfied with the solutions provided. Be creative to solve your gaffes. Steve Jobs himself is very much glad to have failed at the end of the first stage at Apple, because that helped him find a more creative alternative to try again. Moreover, succeed. His 2005 speech at Stanford University is a declaration of love for his mistakes.

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Your experience will endorse

Grandfather plan a bit chive, that kind of person who exudes wisdom that knows everything and no doubt share their experience with those who come after. To give advice, guidance and help others is one of the great advantages of having committed errors before them. A very famous story about the experience that we bring errors is starring Thomas Edison, the famous inventor. When a reporter asked why he continued with his attempts to get light by electricity after so many failures, he replied: “I will not fail, I just found 999 ways how not to make a light bulb”.

Yes, make a mistake and leaves a bitter aftertaste painful. No one we like to fail, but basically if you do not because you have not tried, you have not left your comfort zone, you will not have risked … I plan to continue making mistakes, again and again, I just try to which are all new and not stumble over the same stone.

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