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To be independent, you do not need to be single

To be independent

A few days ago came to light a few illustrations defending singleness. Beautiful artwork, because there is nothing more beautiful than seeing women portrayed an independent, self – sufficient and at peace with herself that never bored and always has something to do.

So far so good illustrations provoked reactions varied: some complained that the protagonist does not have a real body (buff ), others were outraged “Is mandatory smoking being single?” (another buff) also they noticed that single read more that matched (oh, what laziness). But nobody complained about the essentials: perhaps a couple woman is not independent?

To be independent
Image Source: Google Image

The illustrations have become viral. It happens: the Facebook wall of people is a reflection of something they would like to be, not what they are. Shared as “The danger of going out with a good lover,” “Things you should know about independent women” or “Scorpio: the most passionate zodiac sign” items are a “humble” way to boast of being a good lover, an independent and passionate woman. And, largely, usually it lies. Shared links are a tool that helps us to create an online image. Nothing else.

Unfortunately, those illustrations of bachelorhood were no exception. Millions of girls who feel lonely hung them on the wall to defense mode, accompanying phrases like “I’m single and I’m still alive”, “I’m single and the best thing that could have happened” or “Single are happier than no one”.

My “friends” on Facebook were part of this absurd movement. And call it absurd because when you really do not have a problem with something, just do not talk about it. And divide women in singles and pairs, suggesting that some are more independent others, is to dare to say that being a couple takes away personality. The worst thing is that they are safer that this is so are usually the most dream of being a couple.

Being single does not make you more independent. Being a couple has nothing to do with giving up your free time. Being single does not mean being satisfied sexually and be in a relationship does not guarantee being loved. Have a boyfriend does not make you more attractive but not being single. Singleness claim only means one thing: and that is that we still see to be alone as something unnatural.

Really we are still in these rolls?

And that gives me the feeling that, sometimes, some things just fighting for despising others (willingly or unwillingly). If we continue down this path, I fear that in ten years of being thin and having a partner will be a real shame.

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