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Misophonia: meaning, causes, tests and cure to recover from this annoying disorder


Looking for information on the meaning of the word “misophonia” and the characteristics of this disorder? Discover with us everything you need to know: the tests to diagnose it, the causes, the cure and the remedies to heal.

If you are wondering what the meaning of the word “misophonia” is, just think of its Greek etymology: literally, in fact, it means “hate for sounds”. This is a particular form of acoustic intolerance towards specific noises.

Misophonia is a disorder that is still quite controversial, so much so that it can not officially speak about a real disease. Those who suffer can react in different ways ranging from irritability to various discomforts of a psycho-physical nature. This is also the reason why there is still no real cure, but only a series of indicated therapies. Read more

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