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5 best ideas for a stylish picnic

Stylish picnic

A stylish picnic can be planned or spontaneous, but certainly stylish! Let’s look at some inspirational.

For many of us, a picnic is a long-awaited pastime in the open air surrounded by a pleasant company. In addition, going to such gatherings, we can create a certain mood due to an unusual serving or an unexpected place. And it does not matter if it’s a spontaneous meeting or a planned one, should be a stylish picnic.

Stylish picnic: ProvenceStylish picnic

For a picnic in the village the most usual baskets for provisions, wooden utensils, and of course, a soft blanket and napkins of natural neutral shades will do. Read more: What shoes to choose for the graduation party

Stylish picnic: VintageStylish picnic

Instead of a basket, old suitcases, drawers or even carpet bags suit. Napkins in a flower and lace on the coverlet will add the necessary charm. Read more: 10 ideas to prepare a healthy menu at your child’s birthday party

Stylish picnic: The seaStylish picnic

Even if you are not going to the seaside, it’s time to think about the right entourage. Textiles in striped or kitchen utensils as if only from the ship, candlesticks and soft pillows – all this will help create an unforgettable mood.

Stylish picnic: A little modernityStylish picnic

Bright colors and variegated combinations on textiles can bring a real modern look to your meal. Minimalistic monochrome dishes will add balance to the color palette and make your picnic stylish and seasoned.

Stylish picnic: In the cityStylish picnic

A real tribute to city life, but at the same time, a revelation of supper in the open air will be a picnic on the roof. The flight of imagination here, perhaps, is unlimited. We are sure that the city landscape will also push you to the right idea.

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