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Some homemade tricks to avoid sore throat

avoid sore throat

It seemed impossible but the cold has caught us by surprise, and for many has been a blow to the defense and especially the arrival of the dreaded colds and sore throats. It is true that often is not of more trouble this discomfort, but in other cases it is very unpleasant pain in his throat. So in this post we want to give some tips to mitigate the effects of sore throat in a home.

Dip what we have at home or simple practices that will help us be better is very good idea when it comes to a cold. So in this post we will do a review of some tips that are sure we already know, but occasionally it is good to remember, because we can help improve our state right now.

avoid sore throat
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First we will stop in a classic, gargle will help us reduce the discomfort of the throat. Ideally them with warm water and salt. Dissolving half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water able to reduce the inflammation of the membranes inflamed by irritation. Ideally, perform twice a day, then spend can be counterproductive because salt can dry out excess throat.

Keep throat moist

Keep the throat moist is essential to avoid irritation. It is therefore advisable constant fluid intake as they keep the mucous membranes of the throat will help us to eliminate the feeling of pain and get better lubrication moist. It lay hold of antiseptics or honey candies help us get to keep moist and well lubricated throat, achieving the same effect of fluid intake.

Resorting to honey

Honey is another ally in throat infections, and therefore is strongly recommended intake when we have hurt or irritated. The reasons why we must draw this food is because it has a number of substances that help remove bacteria and help us to improve the state of the throat. But this antiseptic quality joins anti – inflammatory that is a perfect addition that will help us to perfectly lubricate the throat of the most natural and healthy as possible.

Heat in the throat

Take a hot shower or steam bath will be of great help in alleviating the pain, as the steam moisten the throat and help us achieve perfect lubrication of the same, as will help us greatly settling cloths or gauzes hot in the throat, as the heat located in the area will promote blood flow and thus improve the recovery of this part, and we will decrease the discomfort.

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