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How to stop smoking tobacco? 7 homemade methods to disengage

smoking tobacco

Do not know how to stop smoking but want to quit smoking? If this is your case, you can benefit a lot from this article in which we collect the most effective home methods to stop smoking tobacco, one of the leading causes of death worldwide due to its relationship with diseases such as lung cancer.

How to stop smoking tobacco? 7 effective home methods

smoking tobacco

As you have probably already checked if you are reading these lines, quitting tobacco can be a complex and different process for each person. That is why the methods to stop smoking that we will describe may be more or less useful depending on the particular case, although we have included a wide variety of techniques that can be combined to favor the abandonment of this addiction. Read more Olive Oil: 10 alternative uses for body and hair care

Plan the abandonment of consumptionsmoking tobacco

When it comes to quitting smoking, it is very important to plan properly in what specific ways we are going to carry out the interruption of the consumption of this substance. Not taking this first and fundamental step seriously is one of the most common reasons for failure in attempts to quit smoking. Read more: What time of day is it better to go in for sports?

Among the key measures that should be taken when planning tobacco cessation, we can highlight actions such as throwing ashtrays or lighters, identifying in which situations or with whom we usually smoke, preparing for new activities and deciding which of the methods we will describe below We will apply during the process of quitting smoking.

As for the doubt about whether it is better to stop smoking abruptly or to do it in a progressive way, there are studies that indicate that neither of the two methods is superior to the other clearly (for example Lindson et al., 2010). Consequently, we recommend that you choose the option that seems most convenient in your particular case.

Seek the support of your social environmentsmoking tobacco

The help of our loved ones is essential to stop smoking. Not only is it important to have someone who congratulates us for our effort, encourages us and helps us to distract us, but we must ensure that people close to us know that we have decided to quit smoking ; in this way they will be less likely to smoke nearby or to be offered tobacco, as well as being scolded in case we try to consume it.

On the other hand, joining support groups for people who are quitting can be a very good option both to enhance the success of the abandonment and to entertain themselves and to find people with whom to share time and carry out leisure activities. Individual psychological therapy can also be a good option, especially in the most resistant cases.

Do relaxation exercisessmoking tobacco

The consumption of snuff is often associated with anxiety and hyperactivation of our body. This has to do both with the stimulating effects exerted by nicotine in our central nervous system and with the fact that this substance generates physical and psychological dependence so that interrupting the consumption causes a withdrawal syndrome.

Relaxation and meditation techniques are very useful for quitting smoking; In a particular way, we recommend applying them in the moments in which we detect that we begin to notice the “craving” (intense desire to consume) characteristic of the interruption of nicotine consumption. Among these methods, we emphasize the slow and deep breathing, the mindfulness, the yoga and the progressive muscular relaxation of Jacobson.

Substitute tobacco for other products

Both tobacco and nicotine in themselves and the smoking behavior itself are addictive for our body and our mind, respectively. This means that, when quitting smoking, many people feel impulses to consume tobacco not only for physiological reasons but also because the habit is very consolidated.

Thus, not only can the substitute therapies such as chewing gum or nicotine patches and electronic cigarettes or “vapers” be useful (a recent invention that seems effective for this purpose, although it is associated with the same health problems as tobacco) , but also replace the cigars with regular gum and even make as if you were smoking a pencil or a pen.

Smoking cessation tablets

Although medications are not the panacea in relation to attempts to stop smoking, people who have serious problems to quit using more natural alternatives may consider temporarily taking medications such as varenicline (Champix or Chantix) or bupropion. to control the symptoms of abstinence.

Consider trying hypnosis

Although this practice has been harshly criticized by many professionals in psychology because of its traditional methods (unreliable and weak theoretical basis), hypnosis and even self-hypnosis have proved effective in treating smoking, as well as others problems such as sleep disorders, stress in general, overweight or addiction to gambling.

Laser to quit smoking: a new approach

Recently, a new smoking cessation method combining diode laser with acupuncture has been developed and started to be applied.

The laser is applied to the acupuncture points by which the vital energy is supposed to flow, according to those who believe in this type of intervention. However, and as in the case of acupuncture, the benefits are most likely limited to the placebo effect.









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