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Simple tips to avoid heartburn

Avoid heartburn

If we speak of digestion, insurance often know very well what it means, because we noticed too. In many cases the dreaded heartburn that occurs due to poor digestion, which makes our overall worse. Most of us do not worry about it, but every time we have raised awareness of the need to maintain about getting good digestion, and for that we will simply follow some tips that will be very useful.

The ideal is to make the stomach work simply, that is, prevent the dreaded heartburn appears due to heavy digestions. This will help us get a better overall and avoid the discomfort derived. For this we can perform different actions daily that will not cause us to acquire a habit that eventually will be very beneficial to our health.

Avoid heartburn
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The importance of breakfast

A first step is to consider breakfast as it is the first meal of the day and often do wrong by eating acidic foods such as excess sweets, fats … To avoid this we recommend is to start by drinking liquid as hot water with lemon or grapefruit, although it seems otherwise, avoid heartburn because it helps stimulate the secretion of gastric juices for better digestion. Herbal teas are also a good choice because it is necessary that we start by hydrating the cells after overnight without liquids.

To perform a proper breakfast we recommend foods like avocado, whole wheat bread, chia seeds, brown rice, quinoa, almonds, soy, coconut water, almond milk without sugar or soy are also good alternatives for a healthier diet. The thing to avoid is acidic foods like saturated fats, processed foods, refined sugars…

Getting breathe every day

Another way to improve the functioning of the digestive system is breathe easy every day. It is true that we breathe 24 hours a day, but when we refer to breathe is to do it consciously and relaxation. We must do it calmly in a park or at home by inspirations of about 4 seconds each followed by slow expirations, extending them to go slowly and lengthen the time. Thus we get proper oxygenation of the body and a better condition of the body because it is a good way to eliminate some of the stress that can eventually affect the stomach.

Maintaining good hydration

Another point to consider is proper hydration, because our body consists mainly of water. It is essential to keep cells hydrated to avoid heartburn. Lower body fluid levels we will be more tired, decreasing our operating performance and reducing metabolism.

Include dietary essential fatty acids

The fatty acids essential as like Omega-3s are fundamental in improving digestion. It is therefore essential that in foods containing high amounts such as olive oil, nuts such as walnuts or almonds or bluefish among others.

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Make an ally fiber

Fiber is good for the proper functioning of the body, especially when carrying out proper digestion. Fiber helps us get expedite the alimentary bolus along the intestine. It is true that fiber is not digested by the body, and in many cases can ferment and produce gases, but ultimately is a perfect ally to assimilate and drag substances such as fats that sometimes make digestion is slower and more expensive. We can find in fruits and vegetables and should be present in the daily diet.

Remove dietary sugars

Eliminating sugar from the diet is an important time to avoid heavy digestions step. True, it is difficult to eliminate entirely, because most foods contain it, but what we must do is eliminate from the diet in foods containing high amounts refined sugar, glucose, fructose or any other variant. The ideal is to end sugar diet and eat only those containing natural food for themselves and are not processed.

It is true that sugar does not stop being a drug that the agency will demand if not received in the form of cravings. For these occasions we have alternatives such as intake of other foods such as fruits, nuts … The great thing is to follow a proper diet rich in essential fatty acids and help us control the most of these moments when cravings occur. Being well fed does not require eating processed sugars, and if we avoid them gradually will end up banishing diet and improve digestion in general.

Include tea after each meal

It is true that some infusions such as tea are stimulants and in many cases can irritate the stomach and cause heartburn, but we recommend the intake of digestive teas such as chamomile or penny royal mint, which will help us improve the assimilation of food and has to make digestion faster and much better for the body. We must therefore make them a perfect partner for every day.

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