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Short-Sleeved Shirts, How To Combine Them

short-sleeved shirts

The short-sleeved shirts are those items that, although they do not have the much good reputation, they are not usually lacking in a masculine wardrobe.

Short-sleeved shirts are usually very helpful in the warmer months of the year, although it is very important that you learn the differences between each of them and how you should combine them.

How to combine short-sleeved shirtsshort-sleeved shirts

The short sleeve shirts have become a trend for this season and are that, although many do not like (I include myself because it is not the most used to wear because I do not convince) are able to provide many styles to the casual looks during the Summer.

Short sleeve shirts can be found in many styles, today I will show you the most commonly used ones: Zara short sleeve shirts for men. Read more: The short-sleeve shirt: how to wear it with style

Casual short sleeve shirts – This type of shirts are great to wear for the day, but as long as you do not have to go to work, prints are usually fashionable, although if you do not like them, there are also smooth ones. In Zara Men, there are lots of options for short sleeve shirts with fashionable prints or casual plain colors. Keep reading: Choose the best blousesshort-sleeved shirts

This type of shirts is good if you combine them with your favorite jeans as with Chinese, the same is true if they are slim, straight, wide, even work well with shorts. You can wear your buttoned shirt or you can leave it open and wear it over a basic shirt. You can combine them with sports shoes, sandals, espadrilles, nautical … zara short sleeve shirts for men

Hawaiian short sleeve shirts or pajamas –  This type of shirts are different from informal shirts because they have an open neck and the type of cut is much looser and have a lighter texture.short-sleeved shirts

Hawaiian shirts are often combined with jeans or chinos, and the shoes that are best are sports shoes or espadrilles. These shirts are suitable to go for a drink on a Sunday morning at a beach bar, for example.

The pajama shirts are more complicated to combine. They look great with wide dress pants, light in navy or black tones. They can also be combined with sports shoes but you can also use them with loafers. You can wear these shirts at night or even go to work. zara short sleeve shirts for men

Formal short-sleeved shirts – These are the only ones that fit well with an American jacket and tie, so you can wear them both to work and to more formal events. Normally they are usually smooth, of English neck (it is that neck that is high and closed) and they do not take front pocket.short-sleeved shirts

Now that you know the different short sleeve shirts that exist, you are ready to combine them properly depending on the time and the time of day.


As soon as the good weather arrives we begin to see many men who are still betting on their impeccable suits, their ties perfectly knotted and shoes more than clean, bright, but when they go out, the jacket evaporates as if by magic and short sleeve shirts for men appear !!

I will never tell you that you should not wear short-sleeved shirts, just that this type of clothes, I see them as unnecessary … Because if you have to go to work at the office, or have a formal meeting, you take your cotton long-sleeved shirt or linen, very cool, that you roll up with style and ready.

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