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How to relax properly

relax properly

From April 29 to May 2, Russia announced its official weekend. But we know: many girls-entrepreneurs these days are not going to leave their job. Blogger, entrepreneur Irina Norn explains that many of us live in the wrong ways and do not know how to rest. This article is about how vital it is sometimes to relax properly.

How to relax properly relax properly

Several important aspects, how to relax, so that the battery is always full.

 Start listening to what you want at the moment.

The ability to hear yourself is one of the elements of awareness. It is important to understand what the body wants and thereby spend time with meaning. That is if you listen to yourself and feel that you need to lie down, lie down and rest. And then you will definitely rest. Note that if you want to do this all the time, then either you have a very hard regime and the forces do not recover at all, or you are lazy – and you have to fight with laziness. Read more: How to stop smoking tobacco? 7 homemade methods to disengage

Another point is that rest can be “active.” Hike to the mountains, trekking, bath (very vigorously waving a broom), knitting (if you like), dancing. Or something non-stressful: reading, learning something new.

Important: this is not a “useful activity”. To distinguish is very simple: with him, you do not have the expectation of result. You just do something nice – without a clear goal, but with a meaning. If in each unit of time you do only what gives the result, you do not rest never. And if the result does not please – the taste for life is lost. Read more: Hemorrhoids in Children: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Getting emotions and impressions is not a rest.

There is such a thing as a reboot. For example, travel, pieces of training, meetings and other bright switching events can give the feeling “I’m like a new one!” And charge with positive energy. But it comes from new impressions, and not from the fact that you rested. You are filled emotionally, but you may not have the vitality.

Therefore, rest should be either just “rest” or “reboot + rest.” That is, it is important to include in your activity time to take a breath.

But there is a clarification. Let’s say you go to another country and are going to not just sit by the pool, but go out of the hotel on excursions, engage in some kind of activities. In this case, you do not have “rest + reboot”, it’s “reboot + new activity”. And family trips “to rest”, when a woman continues to cook and watch the children, is generally not a story about rest.

You have a limit of nerves, and you need to rest in reserve.

Women are very peculiar to exhaust themselves. In my everyday life, there is the expression “limit of nerves”. It means the limit when the stocks of tranquility are over and you are already missing anything, a common story when we do not rest. And more often than not we do not feel the approach to this region, but we recollect when it is no longer a limit, but a debt of nerves.

Your task is to determine your nerve limits and react in advance. That is, you need to rest before it becomes necessary. And not when there is no strength to get out of bed.

Female leaders and mothers of young children are always at risk. Any deadlines and unplanned circumstances, illnesses and sleepless nights at the crib of the baby – all this must be found somewhere resources. And if you are already and as a squeezed lemon, it is unlikely that your nerves will last long.

So look for opportunities and have a rest in reserve:

If you are a boss, do not ignore the weekend and do not require subordinates to do some work in a legitimate time of rest. This is a common mistake manager: not allowing others to rest, they are doing harm to their business. Employees can simply “burn out”. And even the coolest of the team will not have the zeal to do their work 100%.

If you are a mother, make arrangements with your spouse or family to look after your child and do only yourself. But even without these roles, you must have time for yourself. Learn to luxuriate in the bathroom, go shopping, arrange coffee breaks in beautiful cups. Otherwise, the battery will not be recharged.

There is a question for your self-esteem: do you appreciate yourself enough not to explain to anyone and not justify yourself for what you NEED such a holiday, which you really want? If you still want to justify yourself and apologize, you must first learn to love yourself.

Why the change of activities is not relaxing properlyrelaxing properly

We were taught at school: “The best rest is a change of activity! I’m tired of mathematics – get busy with Russian! Tired of lessons – wash the dishes! I’m tired of cleaning – we went to the dacha to dig a garden! “. I remember it was unbearable for me as a teenager. Hearing this, I wanted to shout: “I’m tired! I do not want to change activity to activity! I want to rest! Sleep! At worst, I’m ready to play with a cat, walk with a dog, read a book, but DO NOT DO GOOD! “.

However much we resisted, this slogan about the change of activities grew into our heads. And even more – for many has become an installation. It looks something like this:

“You can not do anything! Why are you lying when you do not have dishes? The site is not finished! The child did not do the lessons! The universe is not saved! “. And even if the fact is that after a hard day’s work, there simply is not enough strength to get up from the couch, the verdict is one: lazy.

This constant tension and the demand for oneself leads to constant dissatisfaction with oneself. And in severe cases – too nervous breakdowns. I often communicate with girls living with such an installation. Observing the consequences, I concluded that the change of activity instead of rest is a mass hysterical neurosis, from which it is necessary to get rid of.

How to learn to relaxrelax properly

I advise you to make a list – a collection of your options for unloading and replenishment. Everyone will have their own list. I, for example, along with the weekly plans for doing nothing, have a monthly operation for the Saving of the Inner Child. My ideal formula is this: a good hotel + good classical music in the player + massage + silence around + beautiful view + close-by travel on bike, bike or on foot on new streets. Relax. To retire. To be filled with silence. And I’m ready for battle again.

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