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Pajama party: the best ideas

Pajama party

What could be better than getting together with your favorite girlfriends, dressing up in cozy pajamas and having a good time! And to make it all go to cheers, quickly read our advice on how to arrange a pajama party for 5+.

Passwords and appearances for a pajama partyPajama party

A carefree pajamas party with your beloved girlfriends is always a great idea! That’s only desirable so that your parents think so. So before you call your girlfriends and figure out what to do cheerfully, talk to your mom and dad and enlist their support. And if they agree only on any terms, be sure to do what they asked for. Especially if you want this holiday was not the last. So, the consent of the parents is received? Date and time selected? Then, safely wind up a general chat in the messenger, code-named “Pajama Party”, invite your girlfriends and discuss all the details with them! Think, which of you that can bring or organize. If someone is very fond of taking pictures, this is an excellent occasion to arrange a joint photo shoot for the whole company, and if someone is ready to bring cosmetics and nail polish with them. Read more: Style & Fashion: 5 Dress Tips for your job interview

Pajama party: scriptsPajama party

We do not doubt that if you just get together, you will be very fun and interesting! But agree, if you think about entertainment in advance and prepare for them everything you need, you can get even steeper. So, what can you do? Read more: The short-sleeve shirt: how to wear it with style

Himself a make-up artist. If you can not go to school with an unusual bright make-up, then you can definitely make it to each other at a party! Feel free to experiment and try different images. Here there can be found a few ideas for inspiration. Yes, and do not forget about selfie!

Photographers and models. What do all the girls like? Of course, to be photographed, and then upload photos to social networks and get dozens of likes. Just let’s think about how to diversify this process. For example, try to repeat the footage from your favorite movies or take pictures of yourself in the image of famous characters.

And do not forget to read about the main secrets, how to successfully work out in photographs.

Dress-crossing. Surely, you have a lot of clothes that you do not wear. And most likely, the same problem is with your girlfriends. So why do not you change clothes with each other? For a while or for good. Only be sure to coordinate everything with mom in advance. Here it is possible to read more about how to arrange such a party.

Master classes. Do you want to combine business with pleasure and not only have fun but also learn something new? Then here’s an idea for a pajama party: let all the girlfriends remember what they know or know and what they can teach the others. For example, someone can teach us how to weave classy baubles or prepare something delicious (just make sure that your mother does not mind giving you a kitchen). Or it can be a game of questions and answers, which in ordinary life you hesitate to ask. For example, who do you like boys or what awkward and funny situation you fell into. And, of course, the question that worries many girls: who has already begun menstruation. By the way, you can prepare in advance and show yourself as an expert.

how to walk in heelsPajama party

Barbershop. Another good idea for a pajama party is to make cool hairstyles for each other. For example, try to braid each other spit-waterfall. Here you will find detailed instructions on how to do it.

Kino karaoke. Do you want to feel like heroes of famous movies and laugh heartily? Then arrange kin karaoke. Here it is possible to read more in detail, what it is and how to play it.

Quest. Is ordinary entertainment not for you and your girlfriends? Then start preparing for the party in advance and come up with an interesting quest. Here we have collected for you some great ideas about how this can be done.

Board games. Well, of course, everyone likes board games. Let each girl bring her favorite game from home, and then you together will choose what you prefer.

How to prepare an apartment for a partyPajama party

Get out. Well, everything is clear. Inviting girlfriends in a mess is definitely not worth it. here here we told in detail how you can quickly and without hassle to clean up the room.

Prepare everything you need. Depending on what you decided to do, think about where you can do it and what it will take.

Decorate the room with cozy things. Do not forget, you have the same pajamas, so soft cushions, cozy teddy bears, warm rugs and other small things will come in handy.

Take away everything that is frail and marchy. If you are planning some active pursuits, rather than just sitting in a circle, it is better to remove all glass items, equipment and other things that you can accidentally break or break. Also, be sure to ask your mother which part of the apartment can be at your disposal. Perhaps she will be categorically opposed to you stepping out of your room, or vice versa – will give you a bigger room.

Menu for a pajama party

A pajama party is still not a birthday or a New Year, so you do not need to cook complex dishes that you can eat just sitting at a table. But you can not leave friends even without treats! Discuss in your chat who will bring what from the food and make the menu. It can be small sandwiches, nuts, and fruits, cakes, and sweets for tea. And if you have a blender, you can treat yourself to delicious vitamin smoothies. Here we have gathered some great recipes for you.

How to get out quickly after a pajama party

The main law of home pajamas: after the holiday should be even cleaner than before the holiday. Only, in this case, Mom will allow you to have a party again. Well, of course, you should clean up, not mother. But, probably, the girlfriends will agree to help you: together you will cope very quickly. Let someone collect all the garbage, someone will wipe the dust, someone will wash the dishes, and someone will put everything in order. 15 minutes, and you’re done!

And you and the girls already arranged a pajama party? Tell me, how was it? Perhaps you know some more cool ideas.

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