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How do we harm our children whenever we shout them?


Like physical abuse, psychological abuse sequel in personality and self – esteem of our children.

When we talk about child abuse image that comes to our heads it is that of a parent beating his son, however there is another kind of abuse that leaves no physical trace but psychological, the so-called psychological abuse.

A recent study conducted by scientists at the Simmons School of Social Work of Boston (USA) shows that do not need to hit a child to leave marks for life in his personality, but simply shout.

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The scientists revealed that they did not expect the results. According to said study leader: “We expected that exposure to physical violence leave lasting scars, but we did not think we would find that exposure to shouts and insults between family members had such effects in adult life.”

They according reviewed the consequences include mental health problems, particularly depression and alcohol and substance abuse. They are more discontented people with their lives and suffer even greater unemployment.

For the study collected data on 346 people across several informants (parents, teachers …) and inquired about the existence of verbal violence and / or physical in their homes in very specific ages.

They analyzed how both types of attacks affected the lives of people on reaching adulthood (30 years) and assessed mental health, psychological status, job title, physical health and family history.

Of the subjects admitted that 55% had experienced verbal conflicts and 12% said they had experienced physical violence.

The results say that people who suffered psychological abuse have a threefold increased risk of developing a psychiatric disorder at age 30 than those who lived in stable families.

If aggression is physical, the risk of psychological problems and work and personal dissatisfaction is much higher.

According to the director of the study, “it is necessary to create early prevention programs for children and foster good communication between parents and children.”

A verbal form of violent expression can be intimidating and can affect the personality of children.

In addition to other factors shouts insurance also make a dent in the personality of children: ignore, ignore their requests, cries or calls awakens in them a sense of inferiority and low self-esteem.

We all cried our son at some point, but that does not mean it’s right, we must learn not to do it (and count to ten). Children deserve to be treated with respect and we as parents and educators must learn to recognize our mistakes. An “I’m sorry I yelled” shows that mom and dad are human too.

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