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Ideas of free education

free education

Free education lives the following ideas:

Children are born free beings, and the main task of adults is to educate him without coercion, to help the child preserve his freedom. Supporters of free education believe that for each child there is a kind, positive and constructive beginning that needs only to be supported. In their opinion, children are always themselves for the better, if they create favorable conditions.

More specifically, supporters of free education object not to coercion itself, but to the feeling of coercion. The child should not feel compulsion and compulsion, he must take care of the child to live in an atmosphere of freedom, feel himself the master of his life, so that he does not feel compulsion about himself. Read more: Will it be time to conceive our first child?free education

From this naturally follows the requirement: “Free the child from what he does not need.”

Free education is always a bit in contravention of the traditional, which considers it compulsory for a child to teach many of the traditionally accepted things. No, this is not necessary, say supporters of free education, in many ways it is unnecessary and even harmful to the child’s garbage. Read more: Chicken recipes that you can make with kids

Supporters of free education believe that the choice of one’s life path is the natural right of the pupil himself. Whether to become a fitter or a businessman is up to him. In this case, the options “to become a bandit” in the free version are not considered, since such a choice of the child is considered a pedagogical marriage. It is believed that a normal child with normal free education such elections cannot be, because, according to the views of the humanistic approach, the nature of the child is initially positive.

For the supporters of free education, the freedom of the child is a given. An alternative view of this is that freedom for the child is not a given, but a task. From the point of view of science, an infant is born not free, but dependent, dependent primarily on its inner nature. And in this situation, any upbringing, even if aimed at gaining freedom, always begins with some forced coercion. The path to freedom is through coercion.

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