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Will it be time to conceive our first child?

first child

Will it be time to conceive our first child? from the idea of having them, to their upbringing, it is material of discussion in the couple; decisions about your children should always go hand in hand with negotiation skills and at the same time tolerance.

There are many crucial moments during fatherhood and motherhood, no doubt. However, there is a moment in the life of every couple that turns out to be decisive and the trigger of all others: The decision to conceive a child to become parents.

It seems obvious, but it is not so obvious. There are many questions that make the appearance, many doubts and no fewer obstacles to overcome.

Conceive our first childfirst child

First, we must analyze the reason for having children. There are as many reasons as couples, but among the most common are the following:

Age: the current pace of life, low wages, the difficulty of accessing a home of one’s own, habits or comforts that the couple does not want to renounce, etc. they are the causes of why young people take longer and longer to have children. Actually, the increase in age at the time of having the first child has its pros and cons. The positive part is that the couple is more mature, they know each other more, they have lived longer, then they will have more and better things to offer their children. The negative, the children will have older parents, less active but, above all, there is an increased risk of suffering some kind of difficulty or problem during pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore, it is prudent to find the balance. Read more: 10 natural remedies for muscle pain

The pressures: these can come both from the couple themselves when one of the two wants to have them but the other is not so clear; of the family, with parents who are anxious to be grandparents; as from the environment itself, family, friends, acquaintances, etc.

The boredom or the problems of the couple: unfortunately, there are many cases in which you reach a point in the couple that, due to lack of connection or the existence of serious problems, believe that they will solve them with the arrival of children. However, this will be the trigger for even greater problems. Try to make the decision to conceive a child when the couple is emotionally stable. Read more: 8 ways to burn calories without sports

Another important aspect to take into account is the ability to reach agreements and that once the children are born we must assess aspects such as education, home care, the tone and manner of talking with the child and even the relationship with the rest of his family. Is challenger not it?

Children are the fruit of love between a couple and the gift that makes men and women parents; try to take this decision as responsibly and keep in mind that from the moment a child comes into your life, he or she deserves to have a good quality of life and as a consequence, deserves to be happy.

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