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The 5 easiest diet

Do you think the easiest diet is only strict restrictions and moral suffering? In vain: some nutrition plans allow you to reduce weight quite comfortably, not forcing us to starve and abandon your favorite delicacies. Five such diets – the easiest and most effective.

Low-calorie easiest dieteasiest diet

Reducing caloric content in this light diet is due to the reduction of normal servings by about a third. Other rules – cooking steamed, grilled or in the oven, fractional food and thorough chewing. For a long time, you will not have to limit yourself: the diet plan is designed for 1-2 weeks, during which the body has time to get used to small portions and reasonable consumption of food. Lose weight as a result of such a diet can be approximately 3-6 kilograms. Read more: How to stop smoking tobacco? 7 homemade methods to disengage

A salt-free easiest dieteasiest diet

This diet is called easy because it does not imply significant changes in the diet: you will only have to reduce the amount of salt a little. To fill it with dishes should be gradually and not in the process of cooking, and after it. Experts replace the salt in food with garlic, spices or lemon juice. However, to speed up the process of losing weight, this easy diet will need to be slightly complicated: it is desirable to abandon the products, the content of salt in which it is impossible to control – sausages, smoked products, sausages, chips, etc. With the correct approach, weight loss with this nutrition plan for several weeks can be about 3-4 kg. Read more: 10 ideas to prepare a healthy menu at your child’s birthday party.

Protein easiest dieteasiest diet

Weight reduction with this food system is due to the reduction in the menu of carbohydrates, which stimulates the body to actively get rid of the fat layer. Comfortable this diet can be called because with it you absolutely will not starve: meat, fish, eggs and dairy products can be eaten in any quantities. It will not be easy, perhaps, only sweet tooth – there will be no favorite treats on the menu at all. But the result is worth it: for 5-7 days of the protein diet, you can get rid of 4 to 8 kg.

There are many options for protein nutrition plans, but one of the most popular systems is the one developed by Pierre Duncan. Its active phase, during which kilograms go away, lasts from 2 to 7 days.

Kefir dinner

To consider this easiest diet is possible already for the fact that for breakfast and lunch it allows almost any excesses. The only restriction – dinner should be kefir. However, there is still room for creativity here: in the drink, you can add fiber or small bran without additives and dyes. Follow the diet can be until kefir is not bored – that is, without time limits. Moreover, there is something to try for – minus 1.5-2 extra kilograms per week.

Water easiest dieteasiest diet

The essence of it is that before every meal – be it lunch or snack – drink 1-2 glasses of water. But immediately after eating drinks it is worth to refrain. The mechanism of action is quite simple: first, pure non-carbonated water accelerates the metabolism, secondly, it fills the stomach volume, and so you will be able to satiate with a smaller amount of food. On the assurances of the creators of such an easy diet, it will help to reduce the weight by about 2 kg per week.

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