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Crafts for children 5 years

Crafts for children

Hello everyone, we invite you to our piggy bank with the best ideas for crafts for children of 5 years of age. Here we have collected crafts for the middle group of kindergarten, which will be useful for pre-school teachers working in the middle group and parents of children for 5 years.

A child of 5 years of age has already undergone the baptism of fire with a brush and glue and is already beginning to master scissors – the very first cutting tool in his life. And so here we will offer many things to create with the hands of a child armed with scissors. Simple chick-chick exercises and cutting out on an uncomplicated contour. This will make your child’s arms move according to the rules of complex coordination and coordinated motor skills – and this will trigger the process of accelerated development of the brain regions. Hands and the brain are connected – who in childhood does not work with his hands, in his adult life tight with his brains.

Crafts for children: CHIC-CHICK SCISSORSCrafts for children

The very first experiments with scissors for children are cutting straws. That is, we give the child a strip of colored paper (not wide – 3-4 cm) such that one movement with scissors could cut off this strip of edges. Read more: How to Get a Great Shine on Your Laminate Floor

Below, we are introducing an artifact, for which just such a management with scissors is suitable. Before the child lies

  • a round sheet of cardboard,
  • halves of a kinder-chocolate-egg capsule,
  • strips of brown paper (light and darker) for cutting branches into a nest.

The strip of the winglet, folded with the letter P – the width of the strip according to the size of the capsule of the syndrome-surprise, and the length is sufficient to put the egg on the center of the strip, raise the edges of the strip upwards and bend it to the sides like wings. This strip for the winglet is sharpened from two sides.

Now we will prepare a nest for future chicks. Take a brown piece of paper and begin to chicle it on pieces of sticks. Then take a second shade of brown and also chic it. Keep the child from making too wide or too narrow strips. Ideally, if the teacher allows it, he can draw lines on each strip with a pencil – they will serve the child as a guide and will facilitate his work.

It’s easy to assemble the hand-made article – spread the cardboard round glue – and quickly until the glue is dry, we spread the straws on it, distributing shades of brown. We look at what places have to be glued with glue.

Then glue the middle of the strip for the wings (the tip of the letter P). And we put it anywhere in the world. From above we pour a pancake from plasticine and on it, we press a saucer kinder. Wings bend away from the egg. From plasticine, we make eyes and a beak. A beautiful article for children in 5 years is ready. Read more: Losing fluid by eating these 6 foods

Learning to cut the CIRCLESCrafts for children

In the program of preschool education, there is such a problem – to teach a child to make a circle from a square. That is, the child is given a square – and he cuts the corners of this square with scissors, and thereby turns it into a circle.

Important to teach children to MOVE THE HAND that is holding the paper, and not the one holding the scissors. I teach the children to press their hand, which holds the scissors to themselves, to the barrel, or to the elbow on the table. That is, fix it so that the hand with the scissors does not turn. But the hand with the piece of paper can be turned, and the turn of the cut line depends on this.

This is a carpet, how difficult. This is not the first time it turns out. And screaming at the baby is not necessary. To understand it a little, and justify yourself, try to take the scissors in your left non-working hand and cut something out of the paper. That’s about the same awkwardness of movements trying to curb and your baby.

This craft can be easily divided into 2 classes. On the first lesson, we turn the squares into mugs and collect the mugs in the flowers (glue each on the other according to the size.) In the second lesson, we glue the pouch onto the stand, paste the flowers on the stems, insert the stems into the pocket.

Cutting out the DOOGCrafts for children

The next stage of working with scissors is cutting out the drawn contour. That is, we teach to keep the scissors on a certain line, without leaving it to the side.

We remember that the scissors are fixed in a fixed hand, but the paper itself rotates along the line – that is, we twist that hand that holds the paper and do not bend the hand that holds the scissors.

All the time we repeat the child “The paper burns, but the scissors just cut.” Help those children who find it difficult to follow their hands. Approach such a child with one hand, fix it with a scissors brush. And with the other hand, take his wrist holding the paper – while he moves the scissors (makes the cutting) you turn his hand holding the paper. Let him feel how right it is to work with these muscles. And do not write. No matter how you jump from impatience, still the child will need several classes in order that he stopped violating this rule of “moving paper and fixed scissors”.

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