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That the child lived in a sense of freedom


Free education cares for the child to live in an atmosphere of freedom, felt himself the master of his life so that he did not feel compulsion about himself.

How can this be achieved? The usual ways and recommendations are as follows:

Attract the good.child

Do not fight the bad, but warn the appearance of evil: do not provoke the development of evil, educate through the game, desire and interest.

Do not force, but cause desire.

He tries to force one who suggests that his proposal will cause resistance, rejection, and protest. It is true, but rejection and protest often arise not on the proposal itself, but on its form, on the form of pressure and compulsion. Read more: Danger: 5 ingredients that should not be in your cosmetics

Do so that you are not taught, but circumstances

The child learns from his mistakes – in the event that his errors are followed by negative reinforcement. But if you personally give this negative reinforcement, the child can distract himself from his mistake and deal with you, who is already an enemy to him. If negative reinforcement comes from something impersonal, there is no one to be angry with. And while no one forbids the educator to create exactly the circumstances that the child will thus teach. Read more: Throwing the Perfect Movie Party for Kids

Forcing, do so that the child felt that this is his own choice.child

Rousseau proposes the next step: when it is necessary to force, force, but in a natural way it does not work out, do it in an artificial manner, but imperceptibly. Let the coercion in fact be, but so that we are not caught by the hand. Note – for the propagandist of free education, it is important not that there should not be coercion, but that the pupil of compulsion does not notice, did not feel. He suggests coercion to make it invisible, dexterous, hidden.

I will continue the quotation from Rousseau:

Never complain about the inconvenience that it causes you, but try, so that he first felt them. Finally, you tell me to insert new glass, still without saying a word to him. He breaks it again. Now change the method: tell him dryly, but without anger: “The windows belong to me, they are glazed on my account; I want them to be safe. ” Then lock it into the darkness, into a room without windows. With this extraordinary act of yours, he starts screaming, raging; nobody listens to him. Soon he is tired and changes his tone; he complains and sobs. Is a servant; stubborn asks him to release. The servant has nothing to look for an excuse for refusing – he simply replies: “I also have windows; I also want them to be safe “- and leaves. Finally, when the child stays there for several hours, so long to get bored and then remember this, somebody inspires him to offer you an agreement so that you can return him freedom if he pledges not to beat the glasses. The best and do not. He asks you to call to him; you are coming; he makes his proposal, you immediately accept it, saying: “That’s great! We both win, And as before you did not think of this wonderful idea! “Then, without demanding any assurances or confirming your promise, you happily embrace him and immediately lead him to his room, considering this agreement as sacred and inviolable, as if it were sealed by an oath. What, do you think, he will make out of the whole of this case about the fidelity of mutual obligations and the benefits of them? I would be cruelly deceived if there was in the world at least one child, not yet spoiled,child

Maybe this method for Rousseau is an accident? No, this is the essence of his system. Rousseau called this method his own “freedom management” or ” method of well-directed freedom “. His plan is simple: I, as a teacher, will create your life situations in which you will learn what I have picked up for you.

“I would be too bad a teacher if I could not get Emil to wake up and not to get up, so to speak, according to my will, without saying a word to him. If he does not sleep enough, I arrange a boring morning for him the next day, so that he will be considered to have won all the time that he can leave to sleep; if he sleeps too long, I show him after getting up the fascinating occupation. Do I want him to wake up at a certain hour? I told him: tomorrow at 6 o’clock fishing is arranged, we go there and then and there; want to participate? He agrees and asks me to wake him up; I promise or do not promise, depending on the circumstances; if he wakes up too late, he finds me already on the river. ”

This is how he proposes to decide the disobedience of his pupil, Emil, when he wanted to go for a walk himself, without a tutor and without his permission.

He was bored – I arranged this beforehand; I, on the contrary, seemed very busy, It was quite enough to make him decide. He did not fail to come up with the aim of tearing me from work, to lead him rather walk. I refused; he persisted. “No,” I said, “in fulfilling your will, you taught me the same; I do not want to go for a walk. “Well, good! “He retorted with animation.” I’ll go alone. “As you wish. ” And I again started to work.

He dresses, somewhat worried that I allowed him to do this and did not do the same himself. Ready to go out, he comes to say goodbye; I say goodbye; he tries to scare me with a story about the journeys that he intends to do; listening to him, you could have thought that he was going to the end of the world. Not at all worried, I wished him a happy journey. His embarrassment doubles. However, he takes a cheerful look and. intending to leave, orders his footman to follow him. The waiter, who had been warned in advance, replied that he had no time, that he was busy fulfilling my orders and must obey me rather than him. This time the child is lost. How can you understand that he is allowed to go out alone, to him who considers himself so important to everyone else as a being and thinks that heaven and earth are concerned about his preservation? However, he begins to feel his weakness; he understands, that he would be alone among strangers; he sees in advance the dangers to which he is exposed; one stubbornness still supports him; he slowly descends from the stairs in great embarrassment. Finally, he goes out into the street, consoling himself with a little hope that I will answer for the misfortune that may happen to him.

That’s what I was waiting for. Everything was prepared in advance; and as it was going about a public, so to speak, scene, then I stocked up my father’s consent. Hardly had he taken a few steps, as he hears to the right and left various comments on his account. – “Brothers, look, what a beautiful barchuk! Where does he go alone? He will get lost; ask him to come to us? “-” Beware, neighbor! Can not you see that this is a little slave? He, it seems, was driven from his father’s house for not wanting to be worthwhile. You should not let people like you; let him go where he wants. “Well, then! God bless him! No matter how bad things happen to him! “A little further on he meets rascals, some with him almost years; they tease him and laugh at him. The further, the more difficulties. One, without protection, he sees himself as a plaything for everyone and feels with considerable amazement,

Meanwhile, one of my friends, whom he did not know and whom I instructed to watch him, imperceptibly followed him step by step and approached him when the time came … He perfectly performed his role: not intimidating the child by unnecessarily exhibiting everything the horror of his deed, he so well let him feel the folly of his antics, that in half an hour he brought him to me submissive, confused and not daring to raise his eyes.

It is clear that after that he did not threaten me that he would leave without me.

This is also called free education. We will force a person, but we will do it unnoticed: we will hide our role in this as much as possible, and if possible we will take care that the person does not feel compulsion himself. Let him think that he found this and chose it himself!

Today, such methods are called manipulation. Then it was the foremost word of pedagogical science.

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