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TV Licence Myths to look out for

If you own and watch a TV, you need a TV licence. There are many misconceptions surrounding this issue, so understanding the legal requirements and the consequences could save you a costly fine or even a court case.

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TV Licensing

TV Licensing is an official government agency, and the BBC is the statutory Television Licensing Authority. This means it is responsible for everything that relates to TV licence administration and enforcement. The BBC contracts private companies to carry out most of the work required in performing its role. Collectively, these organisations all operate under the name TV Licensing, which is a BBC trademark. The BBC therefore has legal responsibility for the administration and enforcement of the licence fee.


If you own a television and it is installed and used to watch TV programmes, then you require a licence. It is not the TV itself that requires the licence, but the installation and use.

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One of the most common myths of all is that you only need a licence if you watch BBC channels. It doesn’t matter what programmes you watch or what country they originate from. If your television set is installed, you need a licence.


Many people believe TV licence evasion is only a civil offence. In actual fact, it is an offence which is regularly tried before a Magistrates’ Court and therefore has criminal status which can affect a person’s future prospects in terms of loans, employment and benefits, so it is important people planning on using a TV in their home understand this and act accordingly.

Watching TV is as popular as ever, and with more channels and choice than ever before, the quality of the programmes available is getting better and better. All people of all ages watch television from all kinds of locations for example in a Residential Park Homes location on your favourite sofa.  To find out what the homes look like at these locations and to join in with park home life take a look at their sites.  Viewing figures for the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle saw huge numbers of viewers, as did England’s first World Cup 2018 match against Tunisia, which saw record viewing figures – as reported in The Metro Newspaper.

Your Rights

TV Licensing employees do not have the right to enter a private property. In the TV Licensing rules it states that employees must leave a property immediately if they are asked to do so by the occupier.


Dental Check-ups: What Do They Really Cover?

They may be one of your least favourite things, but dental check-ups are essential to your general well-being. As you lie there with your mouth open, you might wonder what exactly your dentist is doing by counting your teeth.

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The Mechanics

What’s actually happening is that your dentist is looking for change – and for potential problems that may arise in the future. Positive changes since your last check-up can include an improvement in brushing or reduced plaque, while negatives look like gum disease or broken crowns. A thorough examination can also predict how long the health of your teeth will hold out.

During a check-up you can expect your dentist to examine your teeth, gums and tongue, looking for decay or signs of oral cancer. They may use a probe to measure the gap between your teeth and gums and a mirror to reach the back of your mouth. If anything specific shows up, your dentist will recommend treatment or a clean and polish or refer you to a specialist. Use this opportunity to discuss any symptoms you have so that they may be caught early. Sometimes oral problems indicate an issue elsewhere.

Preventative Measures

If you experience anxiety about your visit, let your dentist know, but don’t let your fear put you off organising a check-up. According to the BBC, patients who are frightened of the dentist are less likely to require sedation when undergoing treatment following a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This is a preventative measure on two counts: a check-up to ward off issues that may require surgery, and therapy to make the process less stressful.

Problems with your teeth can be painful and debilitating, and dental work to fix them can be expensive. Regular dental check-ups can head off a problem before it gets out of control. As the Telegraph suggests, fillings can do more harm than good – a check-up can easily identify a worrisome tooth before it needs filling and save you the trouble. If you end up needing larger scale work such as that offered by Dental Implants Cardiff clinic you will be able to discuss the work need, such as implants, and any payment plans available, with your chosen dental specialist. Implants are a specialist treatment that is usually conducted over a number of sessions and whilst a check up will identify problems with your teeth, this is not the time when any restorative work would take place.

It’s recommended that you visit your dentist for a check-up every six months to keep on top of your oral health.

Clinical trialling and the benefits of transparency

A rule that came into force on January 18th, 2017, required that researchers made their trial data public. Since that it is also thought that there will be an increased demand for financial transparency in clinical trials.

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Why is Financial Transparency so Important?

Clinical trials frequently have unpredicted expenses that are often related to start up and operational processes. If these costs can be projected and accurate forward planning is possible, there can be considerable benefits for the trial and the business in general.

Trials have become more complex than ever before, causing increased difficulty in obtaining and sorting data. Financial control and visibility can help to support compliance when evidence of this needs to be displayed.

A study published in the BMJ found that experimental interventions were significantly favoured in the authors’ conclusions in cases where the financial competing interests were declared, so the association between competing financial interests seems to affect outcomes of trials. This is why transparency is of major importance in pharmaceutical consulting and similar projects.

In advancing the development of new medications, there is a constant search for areas where efficiencies can be introduced especially when it comes to TQT Studies. Collaboration with partners need to be strong and it is important that trials are planned and budgeted accurately. For a professional business that knows all about the conduct of intensive ECG studies you could try links including

How Can Financial Transparency Benefit Companies?

Being able to create accurate projections of the costs involved in a trial can allow organisations to make adjustments to cost expectations if it becomes necessary. By centralising and automating financial transactions, companies are better able to establish actual costs and link them to budget data, especially where there are sites in various different geographic regions.

Real time analytics allow trial managers to monitor and control enrolment requirements and to intervene to manage patient related costs by capping them if they need to.

Being able to see statistics for patient enrolment at every site and refine cost projections on an ongoing basis will mean that the revised cost projections are far more accurate than initial budgets.

Following the enrolment phase, patient numbers normally remain static and the analytics will focus on whether the study is likely to remain within budget and what cash outflow needs and current liabilities exist.

Stakeholders will appreciate the financial transparency and be more likely to invest in projects where they can be assured of consistent, clean and comprehensive data.

Doctors want to see ecstasy studied clinically as a possible ’empathy’ drug

The psychoactive drug MDMA, or “ecstasy” as it is commonly known, is illegal in most countries under an agreement with the United Nations. In America it is classified as a Schedule I illicit drug, while in the UK it is considered a Class-A drug. In both countries, there are heavy penalties in place for the possession or supply of the drug. However, there has been some interest from the scientific community about the use of ecstasy for certain types of medical treatments.

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The Effects of Ecstasy On The Human Body

Ecstasy causes the brain to release serotonin, along with other chemicals like orepinephrine and dopamine. In addition, hormones like vasopressin and oxytocin are also made in increased quantities by the body when ecstasy is taken. Most of the deaths attributed to ecstasy use are caused by overheating and dehydration. Since vasopressin is a hormone that can restrict the urge to urinate the body is also not able to get rid of excess liquid, which means users can drink too much water leading to swelling of the brain. Other side effects include depression, anxiety, confusion, and paranoia.

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Why Ecstasy Is Of Interest To Doctors

Due to its classification, ecstasy is considered a drug with no official medical use. However, some doctors believe that because of its unique effect compared to other psychoactive substances there is good reason to study it closer. The feelings of empathy that ecstasy inspires towards others is of particular interest. Before MDMA became an illegal substance, it was in fact used by some physicians who gave it to patients in the hope of helping them with post-traumatic stress disorders and extreme social anxiety.

Of course, due to the dangers of ecstasy, opinions on whether it should be used as a treatment has been polarizing. It does appear that those who use ecstasy recreationally cannot expect the same benefits as when it is used in a therapeutic setting. What is certain is that if the go ahead is ever given for further studies like Paid Medical Trials with such sites as, the use of reputable and well established clinical staffing solutions will be essential.

Whether ecstasy really does have any use as an empathy drug or simply makes users think they feel more empathy will only become clear after more studies.

Science for kids: making your own silicone mould

Science for kids can be fun because it brings the adult world to them in a new and inviting way. Moulds come in all shapes and sizes, but finding the perfect one can be challenging. Making moulds is relatively easy, and once created, they will guarantee hours of fun in the kitchen. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create your own perfect silicone mould.

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Use plastic gloves when kneading the silicone

Get a bowl and fill it with water at room temperature, stirring multipurpose liquid soap into it. Mix until the soap has dissolved into the water. As an alternative, liquid glycerine can be used. Buy some pure silicone, which can be obtained from DIY stores, ensuring it is not the quick-set type. Squeeze the silicone into the bowl so it covers the item.

Use plastic gloves to protect your hands and knead the silicon under the water. This process should take around five minutes. Knead it until it’s not sticky, ensuring that it remains under the water.

Carefully use your palms to shape the putty into a disc by rolling it into a ball and pressing down, making sure it is thicker than the item you plan to mould. If the silicone remains sticky, cover your hands and tabletop saver with a thin layer of the soap.

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Let the silicone dry and form a hard shape

Press the item into the silicone, ensuring that the design side is facing down into the putty. Press the edges of the mould against your item, ensuring that there are no gaps.

Now it’s time to let the silicone dry and form a hard shape. It’s important to note that it will never turn completely solid. A degree of flexibility will always be there.

It’s not only children who can enjoy moulds. Companies rely on the products to ensure a smooth manufacturing process.

Industries requiring silicone moulding components can contact a range of suppliers, including

The Evening Standard details a choice of silicone mats, trays and moulds for cakes, and you can get the children involved to help create a sweet masterpiece.

The final step is to remove the item from the mould; it should emerge by itself. Place clay inside the mould, take it out and allow it to dry.

Which Is the Best Neckline for My Shape?

Necklines. They’re pretty boring, right? Wrong! Pick the right neckline and you can be transformed from meh to mama mia. Pick the wrong one and you may be left resembling a sack of spuds. So which neckline is right for your shape? Let’s have a look.

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The Boat Neck

If you’ve got slender shoulders and a small to medium bust, this style will suit you perfectly. Those with larger shoulders can appear wider than they are if they wear an accentuated neckline, so it’s best to avoid if this is you. The wider neckline can be used to successfully balance out pear-shaped bodies, though. Go big and bold with long and oversized pendants to draw all eyes to you.

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The Crew Neck

Despite being a classic neckline, you have to be careful with this style. It suits those with small to medium busts best. Those with a larger bust may appear bulky. But if you have wide shoulders, it can help balance out your shape. Keep accessories simple because the neckline is close to your face. Go for small earrings and keep embellishments to your top only.

The Halter Neck

We do love to show off some skin here, so if you’ve got shapely shoulders, go for a halter neck. This style is also great for girls with larger boobs, as your shape is balanced by the expanse of skin on show. This style can also cut wide shoulders in half, making you appear more petite. Like earrings? Throw on a huge dangly pair with this style.

Off the Shoulder

Meghan Markle caused a stir wearing this beautiful neckline when she married Prince Harry, showing just how great this neckline can look on a slight figure. If you’re curvy this neckline will make you appear wider. But it’s great if you’re pear-shaped, as it balances out your shape. The off-the-shoulder look is very in this season, with tops and maxi dresses like the gorgeous designs at showcasing the summery sexy neckline.

Scoop Neck

Universally flattering for petite and plus-size ladies, the scoop neck shows the world your gorgeous figure and is great for a party dress if you want to grab all the attention. Pair with long boots or a cute jacket to cover up in cold weather.

A world that is magical for both adults and children

Disneyland Paris is one of the most visited attractions that there is in France and is one of the reasons that some families look at Property for sale in France like the ones you can find at either for a permanent move over to the continent or perhaps for a holiday home.

The resort in Paris is Europe’s version of the Disney world that can be found in America and it really is a wonderland for both adults and children alike and it is hard not to get swept along with the magical feeling that the resort seems to create.

If you have never visited the site, here are some interesting facts about the resort in which you can submerge yourself in all things Disney.

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Space Mountain is one of the most popular rides and the one located in Paris is actually the fastest of all the other resorts and is the only one that goes upside-down. In order for the cars on the ride to travel they have to reach speeds of around 46 miles per hour and use the same technology that is used to propel jet fighter planes.

The site is very cleverly created using the same design concepts as are used in the filming industry. Main Street is constructed in such a way that the castle looks like it is further away than it actually is. This is all down to the design technique of forced perspective.

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The parade by Mickey and his friends is one of the events that attracts lots of visitors and in order for the drivers of the floats to be able to see where they are driving, they use an arrangement of cameras to give them all round visibility of the outside of the float. There are some floats that even give off a beautiful aroma as they drive past the crowds. In order to light up all of the floats in their spectacular designs around 700,000 bulbs are used on the 13 floats.

As a little aside, did you know that there is only ever one Mickey Mouse on site at any given time? This is because Disney really wanted to create the excitement and illusion for children that the character truly exists and spends his time visiting people across the park. There are a total of around 250,000 costumes used at Disneyland Paris, with Mickey’s being one of these.

Staying Sober After Addiction

After seeking the help to deal with substance abuse, there are a few ways that you can stay sober so that you can continue to focus on your rehabilitation. Avoid situations that are risky and that could make you want to use drugs again. Don’t spend time with people who encourage you to use drugs. If this means sitting somewhere else while at work or going to new places to have fun, then it’s something that you’re going to have to do in order to leave the addiction behind. You can often find activities that assist with substance abuse in Maryland so that you have places to go that are fun and exciting if you don’t want to stay at home.

You’re going to need a support network of your friends and family members, but you shouldn’t rely on those who are negative. The people you’re around should be willing to support your new way of life and offer to assist you in getting sober instead of encouraging you to use drugs again. If you go to a party, then you need to have people around you who will keep you from feeling anxious and those who will keep you from using drugs or drinking even in a social way. An option would be to join a support group so that you have someone to call when you need to talk and so that you have the assistance from counselors who can offer ways to stay sober.

Understand that you will sometimes have urges to use drugs again. These urges will begin to go away over time, but you need to know how to deal with them in a healthy way when they do appear. Chew gum if you need to have something in your mouth. Go for a walk, play a game, or do something that relaxes you so that you don’t think about using drugs. Consider going back to school so that you have a goal in your life and so that you make new friends. Going back to school will also help you with a new career that you enjoy.

5 More Reasons Why TV Beats Films

If the increase in quality TV programming wasn’t enough to prove that TV tops films, here are five more reasons why you should be taking note of the small screen.

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British Television

Whilst there have been many excellent British films which have received critical acclaim, it’s the world of TV in which the Brits excel. Shows such as Downton Abbey and Doctor Who are revered around the world, with some Hollywood stars also loving the exploits that British reality TV has to offer.

The Reason for Netflix

Netflix has some amazing films, but it’s the collection of TV shows that can really bring in the viewers. Without TV, Netflix wouldn’t be nearly as popular, and you wouldn’t be able to binge-watch new series all at once.

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Big Breaks

Some of the biggest Hollywood names wouldn’t be where they were now without TV. Bruce Willis, Jennifer Aniston and Leonardo DiCaprio all started on TV before becoming the huge box office stars that they are. With such big talent already appearing in television shows now, you can only imagine where they’ll be in another few years. If you need help with your TV aerial installation Swansea has several companies to get you set up. Just look into TV aerial Installation Swansea if you don’t want to miss the rise of the next set of stars.

British Actors

In addition to the TV shows that have found their following across the globe, British actors have also made a name for themselves. Home-grown talent such as Kate Winslett, Idris Elba and Hugh Laurie are just some of the popular Brits who have appeared in American TV shows as American characters. It just shows the calibre of British talent that has cemented itself firmly in the American TV industry.

Intimate Characters

Whilst actors are undoubtedly excellent at taking the audience on an emotional rollercoaster in the space of 90 minutes, it’s on TV where the characters truly shine. The British have a long-standing love of soap operas, and due to their regular programming, the audience is quick to invest their time in them. This means that whilst you might shed a tear at the death of a film character, you will more likely feel devastated at the death of a favourite TV character who has become an everyday part of your life.

5 cheap ways to keep your house cool this summer

house cool

People do not have another option, how to hide from the hot July heat in the house. You might be able to hide from the sun in the garden or turn on the air conditioner for 24 hours 7 days a week, which will cost a lot of money and will be harmful to the environment. Read these 5 cheap ways to keep your house cool this summer. Read more

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