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Nuts for everyone, which is why we should eat them


Are good, nutritious and are good for our health is that our beauty is nuts. Commonly understood as the edible part of the walnut tree, they lend themselves well to being crunched as snacks and breakfast, alone or accompanied cereal or as an ingredient for sweet and savory preparations.

All thanks to an intense and particular taste that makes Walnut a versatile food. However, the taste is not the only positive aspect. This dry fruit, in fact, has many beneficial properties. Read more

Benefits of Conscious Food


With mindful eating is much less eat (up to 3 times less) without starving, and you can lose up to 1 kg in a single day.

Today stress (the most common disease of the twentieth century and so far this XXI) is even socially frowned upon. Even associated with being depressed go slow and go in a hurry to be healthy and full of “vitality”.

Of course, this is not so. For those who want to regain the ability to walk a walk (not preparing for a marathon), to enjoy a good book in silence or enjoy something as mundane as food, here are some guidelines to incorporate the concept of calm to food (food conscious), bringing awareness to a facet of their daily lives… Read more

Superfoods, you really have powers?


They are fashionable for a few years for its beneficial properties and high nutritional value. We tell how much truth there as a “super” refers.

Caring for food is something that more and more people are pointing meet the properties of food, follow a healthy diet, inform us of the latest advances in nutrition … In this favorable environment, for quite a while, publications tell us superfoods frequently as products with a higher nutritional value, which makes them especially beneficial to health . Are they really so wonderful? We’ll tell you then.

What are Superfoods?

According to study there is no official definition for superfoods, but generally use this term to refer to foods that are differentiated by their nutritional potential, and its high concentration of vitamins, healthy or antioxidants fats. Read more

Food anti weakness combat spring fatigue

Food anti weakness

Suffer the spring tiredness? With the arrival of spring in 2016, we have devoted more space to those typical hassles that many experience during the change of season. Today we focus on the feeling of exhaustion typical of the changing season.

Rising temperatures, the longer days, the daylight saving time and for those who suffer from allergy, the release of air pollen, are all factors that affect our health and on our behavior: in this period lowers the degree of concentration, it feels a general sense of fatigue and desire to rest more often and longer. The spring fatigue is a normal phenomenon that affects just about anyone, but we have some tips for your diet that will allow you to spend the day with more energy and determination. Read more

Eating healthy: Fruits and vegetables in season

Eating healthy

With the change of season the body asks us healthy and fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables typical of the season.

Any time is good to start healthy eating, but in summer, with the onset of heat, the body asks us renewal and fresh food, so today we tell you what fruits and vegetables are and how best to take advantage of all its benefits.

Fill your table color and vitamins

There are three colors that help us differentiate products from this station: green, orange and red (or pink) in all shades. Guided by them is very easy to hit when making the purchase. Yet it is not more to keep in mind the following list of vegetables and fruits: Read more

Feeding tips for summer

food for summer

When the heat comes, also the holidays arrive. Some lucky as students or certain professions can enjoy several months of hiatus, while others have to meet with the month of August. But even when not formally holiday, the pace of life changes, like changing our eating habits. Here are some tips for eating well in summer.

Take the opportunity to eat a good breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and partly true because occurs after fasting for about 10 hours, and we need energy. In normal times, with the stress of work and rush, many people simply have a coffee and toast. In summer, you can take to enjoy a good breakfast with fruit, milk, some salty things and anything you can wish for. In addition, you can eat slow, which is always healthier. Read more

Breads, what to choose among many options?


If you love bread while looking for a healthy diet, you should know that this food can be part of your daily diet and always when you choose correctly. Since there are a variety of breads, today we help you choose the most suitable option function.

The nutrients of different breads

The first thing to know in order to choose according to our needs, tastes and / or preferences, is the nutritional composition of different breads. Read more

Healthy breakfast

Healthy breakfast

The breakfast is the first time of the day from which we have the opportunity to take care of our eating habits. It is the most important meal of the day because the agency receives the first food after hours of rest. It is also the time when we recharge energy for the whole day. We teach you what you should not miss in your breakfast healthy and nutritious. Read more

Microwave cooking, harms health?

Microwave cooking

The microwave oven is one of the most used in the kitchen today, not so much cooking but rather, to heat, however, much is said about the potential harms of its use, so today we tell if cooking microwave really harms health.

Why could harm health?

Since this type of ovens cook and / or heat food by electromagnetic waves that are absorbed by the same, it is thought that radiation can reach our body and cause damage to health.

Furthermore, because this method generates heat cooking from water contained in food and cooking it using the same, it is believed that the structurally modified so that subsequent intake harms health. Read more

The benefits of a balanced diet for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis

Group NC Health adds to the awareness campaign on the occasion of World Day of Multiple Sclerosis held today and proposes a set of guidelines to follow in the beneficial feed for this disease.

It is very important that people with this disease avoid overweight and constipation, two factors that can cause severe symptoms in this disease. Thus, we must consider the following in order to get a varied and balanced diet:


Animal proteins and vegetable proteins equally be consumed. Rehabilitates bread and dried beans (cooked with little fat, if possible, better oil with sausages). The mixture of wheat flakes, barley, and whole oats is a source very rich in protein suitable for breakfast. We tone down the consumption of meat and meat products. Read more

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