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Gym rookie: These are the benefits you will get from hipopressive gymnastics

Gym rookie

The hipopresivos exercises are booming, and it is not because they are a fad, but because increasingly have more foundation, and measurable benefits, also taking few precautions and contraindications.

If your purpose is to start putting year, it is very interesting to know what are the benefits of hipopresivos ambdominales, which are suitable for all people who exercise, for the following reasons: Read more

Exercising after childbirth, good or bad idea?

Exercising after childbirth

If you’re accustomed to doing sports sure you really want to pick up after delivery, but it is important to do it safely.

Once we got used to follow a healthy lifestyle it is difficult to spend some time at rest or without exercise. After delivery, follow a varied and balanced diet is essential, but what about exercise? Is it a good idea to pick up as soon as possible? Here we have all the details.

Postpartum recovery, do not hurry

After the exertions of childbirth are advisable to wait at least the end of the “quarantine” before starting to exercise again, something we always start gradually. Read more

The exercises for the breathing


To relax, recharge, get the proper rest: the breathing exercises can have many purposes. After all breathing is one of the most automated and natural gestures we make every day. Perhaps the easiest, so that often you hear people say “easy as breathing”! But is it really that simple? Or rather, there are techniques for breathing which help not only to do so in the best way but also with a clear objective to be achieved? Read more

Post workout muscle aches: To know to prevent them

muscle aches

The post workout muscle aches are a tangible sign of what has been performed correctly the exercises to get toned legs, shapely arms and a perfect line.

Contrary to widespread belief, the pain in the muscles of legs and arms after making sport of any kind does not depend from lactic acid but from the breakdown of muscle fibers put under stress from training. Lactic acid is also present in the rest condition and is absorbed from the blood within about 2 hours from the end of the exercises; instead, muscle pain disappears after a few days from training. Read more

Running heat: These are the precautions you should take

Running heat

If you go for a run in the hottest months of the year, remember to take these precautions to train safely.

The hottest months of the year are already here, but that should not be a reason for neglecting the daily exercise that many benefits, physical and psychological, offers us. If you are a lover of running and yours is running out day in and day out, you can do so in summer; yes, taking a number of precautions that will help avoid injury or discomfort and maximize the results of your training. These are our recommendations for you to keep adding kilometers safely.

What time is best jogging?

If in autumn and winter six p.m. it is an ideal base for kilometers, since the climate is more temperate and has not yet dark, is not in the summer time. The best thing to do is choose the coolest hours of the day (early morning or late afternoon) to continue with your training. Read more

7 exercises and stretches you must do in the office to feel better

Office exercise

The modern workplace makes thousands of people spend many hours a day sitting in front of your computer without exercise your body. While this position is comfortable for some, is shown to hold for prolonged periods are harmful to metabolic health, joint and muscle.

Compounding the problem is more with the fact that some just tired of their days and do not have enough time to exercise. Given the risks that this entails, it has designed several plans “labor gymnastics” with which you are invited to activate the body from the workplace.

Although not intend to bring a full gym to the office, it is very interesting to relieve muscle tension, stress and other reactions related to physical inactivity practice. The movements proposed are very easy to do; they do not take away a long time and can be made up in confined spaces.

Here we share the 7 best for you to start to devote a few minutes a day. Put them into practice! Read more

6 amazing brain exercises

Brain exercise

Although not relate, monotony is detrimental to our ability to concentrate. One of the best brain exercises every day is to include new activities in our routine.

Over the years, the stress and worries mind suffers and stops working as we were used to. If this is your case, if you’re in exams, you have anxiety or years you are taking a toll, we suggest some exercises for the brain.

Before moving on to describe, it is good to know how your work head. As you know, we have two hemispheres, the left and the right, and each has a distinct function.

For the left, it deals with the verbal portion and logical analysis. For its part, the right hemisphere deals with the non-verbal aspect and creativity. In this sense, the best activities are those that connect both sides. Read more

Train vs independent exercise

independent exercise

We are constantly recommending ways to train we can combine different regularly in our routines. We at this time we will focus on two ways of working muscles, with separate charges for each part of the body work, or working the muscle group concerned with a burden that will arise in conjunction with both hands.

Surely we doubt has arisen hundreds of times whether it is better to train one way or another, and that after all the mechanics of the exercise is similar, but the results will not be the same. It is therefore good that we have in mind for what will work in one way or the other. Read more

Crossfit is not everything, other ways to work the body when training


Fashions have always marked in fitness training. Today there are plenty of workout routines and many are those who join them. We constantly see new routines and techniques that promise the best results in the world. One of the most forces is currently the Crossfit. For this reason we want to stop at this point, as it seems that if you do Crossfit not really train for it and in this post we will defend other routines that will give us good results and that seem forgotten.

It is true that the results that give us the Crossfit are excellent, but keep in mind that is high performance training and requirements that demands are high. Although there are different intensities for beginners and people with a higher level, for many others it is too far above his level. But we must not forget that even if trend, there are still other ways to get a well – worked muscles. Read more

Plantar fasciitis: Causes, prevention and treatment

Plantar fasciitis

The plantar fasciitis is a common cause of foot pain, both athletes and sedentary people. The pain occurs in the foot, at the front of the heel, being a pain that worsens when walking or exercising.

Being a common injury in athletes as much in the general population, we will discuss the causes, prevention and treatment of plantar fasciitis in this article.

What is the plantar fascia?

The plantar fasciitis is an injury that affects the fascia or plantar fascia, a thick band of connective tissue that is in the sole, and runs from the front of the calcaneus (heel bone) to the front fingers.

The plantar fascia is a support structure to absorb the impact and maintain the shape of the foot. Upon reaching the toes, the fascia is divided into five bands.

I take this opportunity to point out that the suffix it is refers to inflammation but, as in the usual tendinitis, rarely a real inflammation is present (so we recommend talking about tendinosis). In the case of fasciitis same thing happens: rarely no real inflammation, so maybe I should change the term to fasciosis (which simply indicates an alteration, without specifying what type). Read more

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