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How to lose weight with the help of cardio


For many, cardio is associated with various physical exercises aimed at strengthening the heart muscle. And they are not mistaken. Competently organized cardio-surgery is the key to success in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, fitness specialists came to a common opinion that this type of training helps most effectively burn calories and fight with extra pounds. But before running to the gym, let’s figure out what cardio training is and how they help people lose weight. Read more

5 rules to get out of the couch and start training

start training

Healthy man in healthy body. One of the most wicked, there is so much to become really boring and useless. Also because, as is often the case, the fame of said nothing has to do with the success of the practice. Though the Latins have already understood how the brain draws enormous benefits from regular practice of physical activity, modern medicine has largely snapped exercise as a form of enhancing body and mind skills. Read more

The 11 best exercises for strong arms

exercises for strong arms

If you are not used to carry out physical activity, it is good that, to strengthen the arms, are proceeding a little at a time. Start with a few repetitions and low weight, then gradually increasing them.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect and wanting to keep fit, toning the arms, we will improve our daily lives. We can lift heavy objects without problems or feel pain whenever we carry out certain activities.

This article will talk about the best exercises to strengthen your arms. You can make them at home or in the gym. Read more

Contractures and muscle tears: Quick and simple exercises to avoid and deal with them


Quick exercises to be done in the life of every day to prevent contractures in the muscles tear. Not necessarily the problems natural muscle or skeletal are caused by trauma or tears, often the occurrence of these annoying pain simply comes from bad posture or bad habits that we adopt in our daily lives. If prolonged fact, these improper behavior may cause many pains, also contributing to alter the curvature of the spine at the level of the cervical or lumbar. It is for this reason that we consider essential to correct postures and bad habits and adopt the right attitudes to avoid rips and contractures in the long run could cause annoying problems.

One way to tackle this type of problem is the thermotherapy, which uses the heat for therapeutic purposes, helping to reduce joint stiffness or muscle spasm. An example of technology applied to heat therapy patches are or self-bands that act directly on the affected part from the pain, providing relief and muscle relaxation.

But there are a number of tips to follow to avoid tensions and contractures, thus trying not to get to hard to handle situations. Here are some useful exercises that can be done comfortably in everyday situations, even at the desk, to promote muscle relaxation and avoid neck pain or back pain. Read more

High-Fitness: 5 Trends To Get Fit In 2017


Those who do not attend gyms for a while might be left to an imaginary 80s, where getting into shape meant of elastic bands of sponge and clothing in a coordinated, sit on a tool similar to a medieval torture device, and sweating in front of a mirror. Now, it is not surprising that, starting from this condition, these individuals have decided never to cross more of a place destined to the own body contouring threshold.

Fortunately, times go by and, even in this field, the creative gears athletic trainers, personal trainers and fitness luminaries are constantly working to churn out new ways to lose weight, firm up the critical points and define your muscles. The following are some of the main trends emerged within the most renowned and influential industry events. Read more

Gym rookie: These are the benefits you will get from hipopressive gymnastics

Gym rookie

The hipopresivos exercises are booming, and it is not because they are a fad, but because increasingly have more foundation, and measurable benefits, also taking few precautions and contraindications.

If your purpose is to start putting year, it is very interesting to know what are the benefits of hipopresivos ambdominales, which are suitable for all people who exercise, for the following reasons: Read more

Exercising after childbirth, good or bad idea?

Exercising after childbirth

If you’re accustomed to doing sports sure you really want to pick up after delivery, but it is important to do it safely.

Once we got used to follow a healthy lifestyle it is difficult to spend some time at rest or without exercise. After delivery, follow a varied and balanced diet is essential, but what about exercise? Is it a good idea to pick up as soon as possible? Here we have all the details.

Postpartum recovery, do not hurry

After the exertions of childbirth are advisable to wait at least the end of the “quarantine” before starting to exercise again, something we always start gradually. Read more

The exercises for the breathing


To relax, recharge, get the proper rest: the breathing exercises can have many purposes. After all breathing is one of the most automated and natural gestures we make every day. Perhaps the easiest, so that often you hear people say “easy as breathing”! But is it really that simple? Or rather, there are techniques for breathing which help not only to do so in the best way but also with a clear objective to be achieved? Read more

Post workout muscle aches: To know to prevent them

muscle aches

The post workout muscle aches are a tangible sign of what has been performed correctly the exercises to get toned legs, shapely arms and a perfect line.

Contrary to widespread belief, the pain in the muscles of legs and arms after making sport of any kind does not depend from lactic acid but from the breakdown of muscle fibers put under stress from training. Lactic acid is also present in the rest condition and is absorbed from the blood within about 2 hours from the end of the exercises; instead, muscle pain disappears after a few days from training. Read more

Running heat: These are the precautions you should take

Running heat

If you go for a run in the hottest months of the year, remember to take these precautions to train safely.

The hottest months of the year are already here, but that should not be a reason for neglecting the daily exercise that many benefits, physical and psychological, offers us. If you are a lover of running and yours is running out day in and day out, you can do so in summer; yes, taking a number of precautions that will help avoid injury or discomfort and maximize the results of your training. These are our recommendations for you to keep adding kilometers safely.

What time is best jogging?

If in autumn and winter six p.m. it is an ideal base for kilometers, since the climate is more temperate and has not yet dark, is not in the summer time. The best thing to do is choose the coolest hours of the day (early morning or late afternoon) to continue with your training. Read more

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