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How to care for delicate hair

delicate hair

If you are the owner of fine hair, you probably know the problems of caring for them and achieving volume and splendor. In our article, you will find useful tips for caring for fine delicate hair.

First, let’s figure out what determines the thickness of the hair. First of all, it depends on heredity. But, alas, normal and thick hair can also thin and thin over time, if it is not properly handled, often painted, constantly dried with a hairdryer and poorly nourished.

Delicate hair washing rules

care for delicate hair

Bear in mind that when using hot water, the sebaceous glands work harder, and the hair becomes dry. Too cold water also does not fit, because it slows blood circulation and can slow down hair growth. Wash your head with warm water at room temperature. After washing, do not rush to dry your hair with a towel – it is enough to get wet and wrap it with a towel for a few minutes to absorb the excess moisture. Read more: 5 reasons to lighten your hair

Fen and other enemies

care for delicate hair

Fine hair is better to avoid contact with hairdryers, curling irons, and ironing. Of course, for an ideal styling without them, you can not do but try as often as possible to give your hair a rest. For example, my head in advance, so that the hair had time to dry naturally. Read more: Zeal or Scotch fixed our new and unsuspected makeup tool


best care for delicate hair

Do not be lazy to do head massage several times a week, for example, before washing your head. It helps to improve blood circulation and reduce hair loss. Slowly massage your scalp with your fingers for several minutes. Also for massage brushes with wooden teeth are perfect. And take yourself for a rule not to comb wet hair, because so they easily break and hurt. Comb choose only with natural bristles.

Proper care

a delicate hair

Many are ready to take drastic measures for the sake of maximum volume. For example, some refuse to use balm or generally wash their head with shampoo only, so that the hair lasts longer. But a balm conditioner is necessary for care because it not only facilitates combing of hair but also supplies them with nutritious elements, providing additional protection, which is especially necessary for hair in winter and in summer. We have good news for you: Patent has developed a foamy balm conditioner that does not weight the thin hair like a regular balm rinse!

Balm-conditioner  Air Foam gives 100% power and without weighting! The light texture of the new airy foam allows the product to penetrate deeply into the hair structure and moisten them along the entire length, without heavier, and thereby making the hairdo more voluminous. It is enough to apply balm to delicate hair washed with shampoo and rinse with warm water.

The difference between the new Patent remedy and other conditioner rinses is the unique formula for mixing the usual conditioning ingredients in one bottle with the foam-forming particles. Under the influence of air, the liquid increases in size and turns into a light foam that penetrates deep into the structure of the hair. After washing the foam thin hair will be saturated with nutrients without oily remnants of the remedy and keep the volume and lightness for a long time!

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