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Throwing the Perfect Movie Party for Kids

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to celebrate your child’s birthday. They may want to celebrate it with lots of their friends, while you secretly panic about how much it will all cost, but there are ways of giving your child a memorable party that won’t break the bank. Hosting a movie party is the perfect idea for kids of all ages, and even better for parents when you realise how little it actually costs.

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Choosing the Film

The last thing you want is a group of frightened, upset children because the film you chose was too scary, but you don’t want them being bored with a film aimed at younger children either. Find out what your child’s favourite film is or ask for suggestions. Remember to look at the film certificate or classification to make sure it’s suitable.

The Food

A movie isn’t the same without popcorn, so keep an eye out in the weeks leading up to the party for paper bags to serve them in. You could hand each child their own bag before the film starts, or have a buffet table full of sweets, chocolate, crisps and other favourite film snacks for them to fill themselves with. You could even hold an intermission to allow the kids to have a food break with cake pops, pudding cups and fruit punch.

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Realistically, children aren’t going to be paying too much attention to the décor, but it’s always nice to make it look amazing. The beauty of a movie party is that it can be held indoors so you don’t have to worry about bad weather, although if you do prefer to keep the party outside, you could always look into hiring a marquee or tent. If you really want to go all out, look for a home automation company such as to make the experience extra-special.

Think about what you like to do when you watch a film, and it’s highly likely that putting your feet up and turning the lights down low will feature. So for a child’s movie night, get out the pillows and beanbags out for them to lounge on. Fairy lights are the perfect addition to keep it cosy, whilst-battery powered lanterns make an ideal finishing touch.

Once the party gets started, pull up a beanbag and relax.

Misophonia: meaning, causes, tests and cure to recover from this annoying disorder


Looking for information on the meaning of the word “misophonia” and the characteristics of this disorder? Discover with us everything you need to know: the tests to diagnose it, the causes, the cure and the remedies to heal.

If you are wondering what the meaning of the word “misophonia” is, just think of its Greek etymology: literally, in fact, it means “hate for sounds”. This is a particular form of acoustic intolerance towards specific noises.

Misophonia is a disorder that is still quite controversial, so much so that it can not officially speak about a real disease. Those who suffer can react in different ways ranging from irritability to various discomforts of a psycho-physical nature. This is also the reason why there is still no real cure, but only a series of indicated therapies. Read more

Exercise: A gym at your desk

Exercise at office

Sedentary life, super stressful office rhythms and the impossibility of going to the gym? You can always do exercises suitable for tight spaces and shorter times.

Sedentary life, super stressful office rhythms and the impossibility of going to the gym? You can always do exercises suitable for tight spaces and shorter times.

No excuse for “workaholic”. If you want to get back in shape despite the tight pace of work and the inability to give up the desk at decent hours the way there is.

Call for easy alibi then. Even for the busiest or lazy, here is a remedy for everyone: ten, fifteen minutes a day of table gymnastics. Read more

What time of day is it better to go in for sports?

sports exercise

When I came to the gym, I had a clear goal: to remove the extra 4 kg and “build up” some of the strategically important zones. I was really convinced that the result directly depends on the qualification of the coach: helped me to correct the food and made a schedule of training taking into account what time of the day it is better to go in for sports. I know that many people do physical exercises at home, so the advice of a professional coach can come in handy. In this article, I’ll tell you everything I’ve learned. Read more

Why you should keep your home’s Victorian features

If you have a Victorian property, you likely want to show off the elegant features left over from this era and refrain from ripping it all out. Whether you have a tiled fireplace or ornate cornices, it’s so much better to celebrate these period, architectural features instead of renovating your home with garish modernisation. Listed below are some of the main renovations to keep in style with your historic home.

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Reveal your flooring

If you are fortunate enough to have original flooring, do not be tempted to cover it up with laminate or imitation wood. Instead, why not expose the character of the flooring to its former glory? Recent years have witnessed an increase in people replacing their Victorian flooring, but with oak flooring in Ireland and the right procedures for cleaning and maintaining a well-heated home to prevent woodworm, you’ll have an aged but charming floor.

Update sash windows

Too many homeowners replace their stylish Victorian windows with ugly, modern versions. Whilst these might have their benefits through modern insulation, they offer none of the personality of the Victorian era. Fortunately, the sash window was designed to be adapted. These days, they can be made sound-proof and draught-proof while still keeping their authenticity.

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Keep it original

There are so many features remaining in properties from the Victorian era, and the most popular are the fire surrounds. A visit to any boot sale or architectural reclamation yard such as Wilsons Yard will open your eyes to how many of them have been removed. This makes them easy to find if your Victorian fireplace does need any decorative replacements.

Avoid anything fake

An increasingly common trend seems to be fake grass. If you love plants and wildlife, this is unacceptable, and our Victorian ancestors wouldn’t be too impressed, either. A decent-sized garden is one of the reasons people tend to move property. Unless you need to have synthetic grass to make it easier to maintain or limit the damage from your dog, your best bet is to re-turf and revel in your natural surroundings.

Keeping original Victorian features or sourcing them for renovation is something that will add character to your home. It will also be a great future investment if you decide to sell your home.

Ideas for the perfect Christmas party

With Christmas looming and the party season almost in full swing, if you haven’t yet organised your festive get together, it’s high time you put your thinking cap on. To ensure your yuletide bash goes off with a bang, here are some top ideas.

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Eat, drink and be merry

Christmas is the one time of the year you can overindulge on food and drink without feeling guilty until the New Year has at least been and gone. So, when it comes to organising party food and drink, don’t skimp at Christmas. Food can be heavy and filling at this time of year, so opt for lots of finger foods and light bites, such as vol-au-vents, blinis and mini versions of favourite dishes.

Certainly, it would be a sin to let the drinks run dry at any Christmas bash, so stock up on festive cocktails, eggnog, and mulled wine.

Create an ambience

You don’t need to go over the top to create a Christmassy feel to your party space. At the very least, a Christmas tree, mistletoe and a few strips of tinsel will suffice. However, you can add a few touches here and there that can add style to your festive setting. According to Goodhousekeeping, with no shortage of empty bottles lying around, once rinsed and decorated, they make perfect receptacles for candles.

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If you want to impress clients, colleagues or friends and family, but have no experience of organising a Christmas party, it might be an idea to get some assistance from expert party planners, such as, which is an event agency in Dublin.

Set a dress code

Inject an element of fun into your festive bash and request guests to dress up according to a specific theme. You could suggest that guests have to wear a particular seasonal colour, such as red or green, have to wear a silly festive jumper or should come dressed as a Christmas character.

Organise entertainment

Food and drink aside, an essential ingredient of a good Christmas party is having some entertainment to keep everyone amused. This could be something as simple as having a top-notch music playlist, to organising a live band, or having a few festive party games up your sleeve. Again, if organising this is something alien to your comfort zone, seek professional guidance from a Christmas events organising company.


5 most effective pre-holiday diets

pre-holiday diets

How to sit on a well-known diet, while not denying yourself in your favorite dishes and not harming your health?

Mono-diet – one of the favorite options to lose weight, when the account goes on a minute. The most effective of them are rice and buckwheat.

According to the rice diet, during the day you can eat just one glass of unsalted boiled rice, dividing it into scanty portions and washing down with water or vegetable juice. This is a serious stress for the body, so it is strictly recommended not to adhere to such a diet for more than three days: it can cause insomnia, constipation and add occasions to fall into winter depression. Read more

Sclerosis: How to say goodbye to the capillaries of the legs!


Sclerosis bites are a medical treatment used to eliminate and treat varicose veins. Varicose veins are the dilation of the veins in which the blood flows in the opposite direction and in a slow way.

Most women are suffering from it, and in most cases this problem is inherited by a family member. Today, varicose veins can be treated with sclerotherapy, which in many cases is effective and often resolves the problem.

In this article we want to explain what the sclerosis bites are, how they work, what are the advantages and disadvantages and possible contraindications. Read more

Why experiences make better gifts than ‘things’

It is always difficult to find an interesting and unique gift for someone close to you, regardless of whether they are a friend, family member or loved one. You need to consider what they enjoy, and then try to come up with something they do not already have. It is exactly as the adage says: what do you give the person who has everything?

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The answer is that you give an experience rather than an item. Experiences shape people’s lives more than objects, are unique and incomparable, and shared experiences can bring you closer to the people you share them with.

Experiences stick with us

You may think that a physical object would have much more impact on someone’s life than an experience that lasts for a few hours; however, funnily enough, the reverse is true.

According to some scientists, this is because ‘adaptation’ is what makes things feel stale or boring. A physical object quickly becomes normal, regardless of how cool it is for the first few hours, but an experience sticks with you and shapes you exactly because it is so different to the norm.

Experiences are difficult to compare

A big problem a lot of people face, especially when giving or receiving gifts, is the drive to ‘keep up with the Joneses’, or compare what they have to what others have.

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A fancy television might be an amazing gift for someone who religiously watches football or enjoys films; however, no matter how good it is when you buy it, there is always a newer and fancier model to compare it to – and everyone has one.

On the other hand, a tank driving experience from a company such as Armourgeddon can’t really be compared to anything else, and how many people can say they have driven a tank?

Shared experiences bring people closer

While many objects are enjoyed by an individual, most experiences will involve multiple people. These are the shared moments and stories we think back to.

Something as simple as a nice meal with a loved one can be an experience you remember years later. Even important objects, such as wedding rings, are important because of the event they are tied to.

Regardless of your relationship, you should seriously consider giving the gift of a memorable experience.

How to lose weight with the help of cardio


For many, cardio is associated with various physical exercises aimed at strengthening the heart muscle. And they are not mistaken. Competently organized cardio-surgery is the key to success in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, fitness specialists came to a common opinion that this type of training helps most effectively burn calories and fight with extra pounds. But before running to the gym, let’s figure out what cardio training is and how they help people lose weight. Read more

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