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Active rest between sets, a way to bounce back

Rest between exercise

One issue that has always worried us when training is the time we must wait between sets. We have often commented that the ideal is a minute’s rest, or even depend on the type of training and the person in question. Therefore, and to dispel any doubts in this post we want to give some key points about rest between sets of one form or another.

In the gym often we see people checking the time with a stopwatch between sets. This can be a solution, but it depends on what you want to achieve with the training to do it one way or another, the ideal is to alternate one way or another break, but yes, leave aside the laziness and breaks too long between sets.

Rest between exercise
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Why rest between sets

When you are training it is best to maintain a constant heart rate. It is true that when we make a greater effort it increases. Therefore rest between sets, to make diminution and can continue to work the body. But a long break can generate a shock and make the pressure diminution cost us too and return to activity.

Save one minute between sets

To control this, the ideal, and that has spread as something general, it is keeping maximum one minute between sets. This may be an alternative, but we have other many more within our reach, such as maintaining an active rest consisting of Segur performing activity between sets, but less intense, so that we recover, and working elsewhere in the body, such as e.g. abdominal or lower back.

Perform an activity while resting

Perform an activity while resting will help us keep a steady pace and high blood pressure that predispose us to continue training with good intensity and achieve better results. Also, keep warm between sets is very beneficial in preventing injuries, because we have the body ready for any exercise that we will develop during training.

Activation of metabolism and fat burning

Do not forget to perform an active recovery will we burn more calories and activate more metabolism, causing continue working once we have completed the training. Yes, you train this way will help us get a better overall and greater control over all parts of the body. So occasionally it is important that we recover between sets actively.

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