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A new study again pointing to eat early can help you lose weight


A couple of years ago we echoed a study pointing at mealtimes as an important factor to consider when dieting to lose weight. According to the findings of that work, eat after 15.00 may hinder the thinning process, as patients studied who had lunch earlier managed to lose more weight. A new study published in the journal Clinical Nutrition again stress the importance of not delaying too lunchtime.

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The results of the first study opened a line of research that has continued Professor of Physiology at the University of Murcia Marta Garaulet, this time with Maria Izquierdo at the University of Barcelona and in collaboration with the Hospital Clínic. Work on this occasion have focused on analyzing the evolution of patients undergoing weight reduction surgery stomach, concluding that those who normally eat past 15.00 just get thin.

The study followed 270 patients Unit of Endocrinology and Nutrition Clinic bariatric surgery, i.e. stomach reduction, with the aim of achieving weight loss to reach a true health risk. Since it is not a simple operation, but involves certain risks that should not be overlooked, the research team was concerned about the number of people who did not get the expected results months after recovering from surgery.

Continuing the work begun by Garaulet in 2013, we have analyzed all aspects of feeding patients operated and it was found that 70% of those who fail in their diet usually take the food past three in the afternoon. There seems to be no other differentiating factor that could make a difference in weight loss compared to people who do manage to lose weight properly.

Therefore, this new study again pointing to the timing of meals should also be taken into account when planning a healthy diet, especially if we lose a few kilos. Eating between 12.30 and 14.00 hours, imitating some European time that both discussed when we travel abroad, could be the key to the success of diets. Of course we return to the question of always, the problem of the working hours of our country.

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