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7 tips style slimmed

style slimmed

Choose the color of your clothes carefully. The dark colors visually removed a few extra pounds you immediately. You do not have to limit yourself to only black saur. Colors like navy blue, purple, dark green and also flattering in this case. Avoid wearing bright colors, especially in those areas that you want to hide, that.

style slimmed
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Use one color. Combinations of different colors (especially in bright or intense colors), i.e. for example wear a skirt of a color, a jacket of another, blouse other and a belt of another will make you look plumper, and so will the very large prints, prefer dresses or sets of a single tone.

Pants and skirts straight cut make you look thinner.

Choose to clothe that fits you. Do not wear loose clothing and not too tight both options will make you look fatter instead prefer those that fit perfectly to your body.

Show some skin. I mean you use necklines to help you stylize the top of your body. V neck style or deep U visually will slim your torso. Avoid wearing very tight garments with necklines as high round neck and turtle because they create the opposite effect and make you look plumper.

Opt for shirts or blouses with sleeves 3/4 rather than wear short sleeves or sleeveless tops. Never use balloon sleeves spring style at the end, because you are visually increasing the size of your arms.

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Use a dress or blouse empire cut with slight drop (low volume eye in the abdomen), you will not want to look like I was pregnant again, these dissimulator those extra pounds in that area.

Use closed heel shoes with pointed toes to stylize your legs, also shoes that are open in the front mouth style fish are a good choice if you use them with skirts without stockings. If you wear pants or tights, you must use heeled shoes or boots of the same hue. For example if you wear black pants then choose black shoes.

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