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3 keys to combine work, personal and family life

combine work, personal and family life

One of the great challenges of today in day is to combine evenly work, family and personal life. The technology, smartphone and internet are genuine blessings that have made ​​us better and easier life, no doubt, but also have broken barriers. Years ago, not many were dating office … and if when you get home, you forgot to check a report for tomorrow’s meeting had two options: either return to the office to review or get up earlier and arrive early to office for review in advance. What not so long ago this? Today that does not happen, you connect to the internet and in less than a minute you are connected to your work.

One of the keys, the awards, you brings personal productivity is precisely this balance between personal, family and work life. I like to define personal productivity as a set of positive habits based on principles that make our lives better we manage (family, personal and work) and maintain emotional balance.

Here are 3 keys to help reconcile work, family and personal life…

combine work, personal and family life
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1st Key – The foundations or Objectives

The objectives are the foundation upon which you will build your productivity, are your goals are your vision. In my training and consulting work with people, many of them / as are people of great professional success, but who have lost their personal and family lives and resort to personal productivity to recover. It is surprising when, in formations, are working on the client’s goals and not meeting any personal goals by side and family are all working.

Again, your goals are your vision; your goals are your inspiration, that is, to what you row. If there are only work objectives, only remarks to work.

This is the first restructuring and set personal and family goals: to reach home at 19:00 Monday through Friday, dinner daily in family, make weekend family activities, do 20 minutes of stretching every day, jogging a couple of days a week, meet friends one day a week for a beer. These can be an example of family and personal goals. Have a clear, very clear thing, if not the marks do not exist.

2nd Key – Focus on what’s important

How many times have you found yourself in the office at 7 pm beginning work on your key task? I mean key task, that task with a major impact on your daily goals, that task which, indeed, has important consequences in your work. However if you take the view the back, at the beginning of the day, you find that they arrive at the office you wearing a coffee and you have joined the huddle chat with your colleagues. You have polished 30 minutes in the morning. After coffee, first, to get to your table, turn on the computer and going direct to email, you say; “We will heat engines, to see what is happening in the email” You invest or spend (depends on how you look at it) another 30 minutes.

Attentive: The first morning, definitely the best time and energy and focus the polishing just nonsense. How about? What if you had invested that time (first thing in the morning) to start and end a key task? It’s more … what if at the end of this key task, continues with the next most important task? I am not convinced that you would have to stay out of your work schedule and dynamiting, those hours of personal and family entertainment.

Focus on what is important, is judiciously choose our next action, that action must be aligned with our goals, that is really relevant to us, then … the rest. Our next action can make a call to John and Peter to stay and have a beer, or reserve a table at a restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary; it all depends on our priorities and objectives.

Judiciously choose our next action, focusing on our goals, will we focus on what is importantFocus on what is important is to better manage our lives.

3rd Key – Enjoy the moments

Separate with a line, to the letter, work life, family and staff for many a utopia. Business people, entrepreneurs and people with responsibilities know. You know what I mean, right?

This happens to me. I enjoy the moments; you should also enjoy the moments.

If one of your goals is dinner daily in family leave aside mobile, better yet, get him away from your eyes and enjoy with your family. If one of your goals is to make the weekend family activities, all you can enjoy that walk, that ice cream, that walk, that movie in the theater with your family and put away the rest. RECALLS> Focus on what’s important. That you’re doing, that you’ve decided to do, is really important now, the rest or whatever, then.

Therefore, you know, these 3 key will help you to combine better your work, family and personal life: keep in mind on your goals personal, family and work life, focus on what is important, choose your next action based on your objectives and priorities and enjoy the moments.

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