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5 More Ways to Get Active with Your Kids

It can be difficult to think up new ways to get children interested in exercising. Try these five ideas to help encourage your child to be more active and to have fun in the process.

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1. Beside the Seaside

Most children love a trip to the beach, and a visit to a sandy destination can be a great opportunity for active fun. Running through the waves, swimming and a game with a Frisbee are all ways to encourage your child to exercise while enjoying themselves, with the added benefit of being able to build a sand castle afterwards.

2. Spending Time

One of the best ways to help children get active is to get involved yourself. Aim to set aside some time every weekend to plan a fun activity with your children – perhaps try something new you’ve always fancied but never found time for. A game of catch or football in the garden is a good place to start, or maybe something more challenging such as indoor rock-climbing or ice-skating. The options are endless.

3. Look Online

There are lots of websites full of useful suggestions on how to encourage your child to stay active. The National Parks website, for example, includes a list of adventure ideas to help you plan an active day out for all the family in the beautiful British countryside, letting your child become an intrepid explorer for a day.

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4. Encourage Them to Try a New Sport

Sports are great for getting kids up and moving about, as well as giving them the opportunity to make new friends. There are so many different sports to choose from that your child should easily be able to find one that suits them. Football kits and other sporting equipment can be easily sourced online from sites such as, leaving you with more time to spend cheering from the sidelines.

5. Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Kites might seem old-fashioned, but their enduring popularity among children and adults alike isn’t down to chance. Brightly coloured designs can help to catch your child’s attention and lead to hours of active fun. Kite-making kits are also available to buy (another activity to help keep your child occupied over the holidays) and can boost your child’s interest in taking their creation out for long test flights.

Water retention in the legs: The remedies to eliminate heaviness and swelling

Water retention in the legs

Water retention is a predominantly female problem that mostly affects the legs, thighs and buttocks and can cause an unpleasant feeling of heaviness and swelling, as well as cellulite and fluid stagnation. But what are the most effective remedies to combat it? Here are useful tips to eliminate water retention in the legs.

Water retention in the legs and buttocks is one of the most unpleasant unsightly problems regarding the female gender. In fact, this is not just an aesthetic issue, but the real health. Water retention in fact, it causes swelling and heaviness in the legs and can lead to accumulation of fluid accumulation that results in so hated cellulite.

Water retention in the legs: What is and what causes?

Water retention is nothing more than the accumulation and water retention in the spaces between one cell and another of our body, and has as main causes an imbalance between the lymphatic and venous system and poor blood circulation. If there are changes in the functionality of these two systems in fact, you can have water retention, which causes the following symptoms: swelling and edema – especially at the level of the legs, thighs and buttocks – cellulite and skin blemishes.

The woman it is particularly subject close to the menstrual cycle or pre-cycle, or at particular times such as pregnancy and menopause, due to hormonal changes important. There is also a tablet-water retention, always caused by hormonal imbalances and optimal dosages not really going to affect hydration, holding liquid and causing swelling abdomen and heaviness at the level of the belly and legs in particular. Besides fact to an unhealthy lifestyle, inadequate hydration and poor diet, it is the hormonal conditions and the resulting imbalances greatest effect on the presence of water retention and cellulite.

Once you understand what exactly the water retention and what are the causes and symptoms, we try to figure out what to do to fight it and what are the most effective remedies to prevent it. Read more

10 health curiosity that you dare not ask!

health curiosity

Some health curiosity are too embarrassing or obscure to them to friends and family. Fortunately, in these cases comes in Google. The world’s most used search engine is not intended as a medical substitute; however, it can often be very valuable. A simple search such as “What if …”, can bring up a list of wanted things to others, revealing what goes through people’s minds frequently (for the most part really strange things).

The main concerns, which cloud our minds, seem to relate their health and body. Here are the 10 most common health curiosity sought to Google, beginning with “is normal …?” Read more

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