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How do we harm our children whenever we shout them?


Like physical abuse, psychological abuse sequel in personality and self – esteem of our children.

When we talk about child abuse image that comes to our heads it is that of a parent beating his son, however there is another kind of abuse that leaves no physical trace but psychological, the so-called psychological abuse.

A recent study conducted by scientists at the Simmons School of Social Work of Boston (USA) shows that do not need to hit a child to leave marks for life in his personality, but simply shout. Read more

3 keys to combine work, personal and family life

combine work, personal and family life

One of the great challenges of today in day is to combine evenly work, family and personal life. The technology, smartphone and internet are genuine blessings that have made ​​us better and easier life, no doubt, but also have broken barriers. Years ago, not many were dating office … and if when you get home, you forgot to check a report for tomorrow’s meeting had two options: either return to the office to review or get up earlier and arrive early to office for review in advance. What not so long ago this? Today that does not happen, you connect to the internet and in less than a minute you are connected to your work.

One of the keys, the awards, you brings personal productivity is precisely this balance between personal, family and work life. I like to define personal productivity as a set of positive habits based on principles that make our lives better we manage (family, personal and work) and maintain emotional balance.

Here are 3 keys to help reconcile work, family and personal life… Read more

A new study again pointing to eat early can help you lose weight


A couple of years ago we echoed a study pointing at mealtimes as an important factor to consider when dieting to lose weight. According to the findings of that work, eat after 15.00 may hinder the thinning process, as patients studied who had lunch earlier managed to lose more weight. A new study published in the journal Clinical Nutrition again stress the importance of not delaying too lunchtime. Read more

Active rest between sets, a way to bounce back

Rest between exercise

One issue that has always worried us when training is the time we must wait between sets. We have often commented that the ideal is a minute’s rest, or even depend on the type of training and the person in question. Therefore, and to dispel any doubts in this post we want to give some key points about rest between sets of one form or another.

In the gym often we see people checking the time with a stopwatch between sets. This can be a solution, but it depends on what you want to achieve with the training to do it one way or another, the ideal is to alternate one way or another break, but yes, leave aside the laziness and breaks too long between sets. Read more

To be independent, you do not need to be single

To be independent

A few days ago came to light a few illustrations defending singleness. Beautiful artwork, because there is nothing more beautiful than seeing women portrayed an independent, self – sufficient and at peace with herself that never bored and always has something to do.

So far so good illustrations provoked reactions varied: some complained that the protagonist does not have a real body (buff ), others were outraged “Is mandatory smoking being single?” (another buff) also they noticed that single read more that matched (oh, what laziness). But nobody complained about the essentials: perhaps a couple woman is not independent? Read more

Some homemade tricks to avoid sore throat

avoid sore throat

It seemed impossible but the cold has caught us by surprise, and for many has been a blow to the defense and especially the arrival of the dreaded colds and sore throats. It is true that often is not of more trouble this discomfort, but in other cases it is very unpleasant pain in his throat. So in this post we want to give some tips to mitigate the effects of sore throat in a home.

Dip what we have at home or simple practices that will help us be better is very good idea when it comes to a cold. So in this post we will do a review of some tips that are sure we already know, but occasionally it is good to remember, because we can help improve our state right now. Read more

Is the best remedy against depression? Sweat blood

Remedy against depression

A new scientific study, published in The Journal of Neuroscience, has found that high -intensity exercise can be great also to make Mental fitness and most importantly, a great solution to get rid of depression.

If you are passing through a phase of downturn seems to exercise (hard as well) is the last thing you want, but the latest research shows that it is the best way out of the Dark Side. Read more

Zeal, or Scotch sixed our new and unsuspected makeup tool


Although at the time the cellophane was invented by a Swiss textile engineer as a transparent coating to waterproof fabrics, the truth is that soon become known as the adhesive tape zeal, sixed or Scotch which were used to join two objects.

This practice tape is that it has also become a tool of great beauty because we can use to correct a stroke of eyeliner, eye shadow delineate use it to improve the contouring or even use it when we’re painting your nails. Read more

Seven green recipes, to see the life of another color

green recipes

Lately I have become obsessed with the green, so I started looking for the most interesting recipes that color. The symbolism of the green is peculiar, since for many people means life, hope and, in general, positive things. So if we had the culinary field we could assimilate green recipes recipes healthy and beneficial for our body and spirit.

Today I propose a review of a personal selection of the seven green recipes to see life in a different color. You will realize that there are many options for both dish and drinks, soups, creams and even green desserts. All monochromatic range to end the month positively. Read more

How does stress affected the mouths of children?

stress affected the mouths

Not only sugar and tooth decay is a problem for the mouths of children. The lifestyle also influences and refer to childhood stress can affect oral health of children in various ways.

Small they not have a job or have to worry about paying the bills and yet a significant number suffer stress. The causes that cause? Academic pressure, parental separation, lack of free time, social problems … And in recent years it seems that childhood stress figures are increasing. Read more

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